Monday, 23 July 2012

Lust Have It July 2012

I was very happy with what I received in this month's pack.  I am pretty excited about every product, I can use everything and there is some new stuff that I am curious to try like this first product.

1.   Baby Foot - this is a foot pack/socks 1 pair,  which gently exfoliates the hard cracked skin from your feet.  You wear the socks which are impregnated with a "all natural plant extracts" gel for 2 hours and they gently start to dry out the skin and within 7 days all the hard skin has peeled off and disappeared.  I love walking around barefoot and my skin is always hard, I look forward to giving these a go and will let you know what I think.  If the skin is going to peel for a week I might have to think about doing this when I am not wearing sandals.  This product also came with a 20% discount voucher off your first order.  This is a full size product RRP $29.95.

2.   Matrix Mix In Shine 4.4ml x 2 samples - this is a silicone based shine serum that you can mix into your other hair products or use on its own to promote soft shiny hair. I have used silcone products before so I think this will pretty much be the same, nothing new here but I am still happy to have received these instead of the shampoo and conditioner other members received.  RRR $20.95 for 89ml.

3.   Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine No 31. 1.5g sample  - I am not sure what the shade is called it only had a number but it is a gorgeous matte baby pink and I think it is divine.  I applied this gloss well over an hour ago and the colour is still vibrant and making my lips look gorgeous.  This gloss is described as "All in one self-renewing glossy colour, micro collagen instant lip plumper and long term lip treatment.  Extremely long wearing plus anti feathering high intensity colour."  This would be the first lip gloss description that I actually agree with.  This stuff is fantastic.  4.5g full size RRP $39.95

4.   Avene Eluage Firming cream 3ml sample size - Helps visibly reduce the appearance of deep furrows and wrinkles.  Instructions say that you only need to tap a small amount onto the deep lines but doesn't say how long you have to use it before you see results, I think probably longer than 3mls will last.  I am curious to try Avene as I have heard good things.  RRP $30.00 for 15ml.

5.  Avene Rich Compensating Cream 5ml sample size - "Extremely nourishing and easily absorbed daily moisturiser for very dry and sensitive skin".  I am not sure if you use this is for your face or body as the instructions say nothing, but I do have some dry patches to try this out on.  RRP $57.95 for 50ml.

6.   Avene Cold Cream 10ml sample - This is a daily body lotion, "nourishing and softening with long lasting moisture".  I use a lot of body moisturiser as I have very dry skin, I don't think 10mls will give me much of an idea how this works but I was very pleased to get these three Avene samples.  RRP $34.95 for 400mls.

All this came in a gorgeous Tangerine makeup bag and I have to say overall I am very happy with the Lust Have It team and the collection they have put together this month.  I really would have liked to have received a full sized lip gloss like some other members received but hey it is a vast improvement on June's box.

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