Monday, 28 October 2013

Lust Have It October 2013

This is a very late box for October and most of you have already received your box last week.

This is just a quick review of what I received and my thoughts.

LE TAN - Wash Off - Tanning Spray.  Yawn......Another useless bottle of spray tan I have no intention of using.

Inika - Vegan Lip Whip - Berry - moisturising lip gloss with very very sheer tint (looks better in the tube). No staying power or colour payoff.

Femme Fatale - mineral eye shadow - Masquerade - I must have received the most non-existant colour in their whole range, sorry can't photograph this one.  This creates a Duo-Chrome Mother of Pearl Sheen with no colour payoff, probably best applied over another deeper shade in your collection.

Paula's Choice - Blotting Papers - Huh??  I have very very dry skin, what is there to blot?

Klorane Shampoo with Nettle -  this sample is for oily hair.  I have very very dry hair.  Please LHI at least do some basic profiling on your members so they receive samples specific to their needs.

Paula's Choice - Perfectly Natural Cleansing Gel -  for sensitive skin and baby skin too.

Again another month where LHI promise so much and deliver so little.  The $5 price rise has never equated into bigger better boxes as they promised.

To say I am counting down the months to when my subscription ends is an understatement.

JAC x0x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Bellabox October 2013

Some of my reading material and notes!

Firstly I would like to apologise for not blogging much recently.  As you can see by the photo above I am busy studying and trying to finish assignments.  I am also in the middle of a severe LUPUS flare (not pretty) and Hay Fever and Allergies have left me feeling sick & depressed so I haven't felt much like blogging.

There hardly seems much point in reviewing this month's Bellabox it only arrived today (everyone else received theirs last week) and I have seen numerous reviews already of what I received.

Am I the only one who doesn't know who these two women Tash & Elle from "Theyallhateus" are?

Also it is Bellabox's 2nd Birthday so Congrats BB!!

Included in this month's Birthday Box was

Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Shampoo & Reconstruction Mask samples. - I love Alfaparf Hair Products, apparently these two help restore your hair back to "original soft & strong glory!"

Beyonce Heat EDT - sample vial of Beyonce's first perfume.  My first reaction was "Oh Goody, Chocolate!!"  Noooo Perfume!! -  I like it, it has a sweet almost masculine aroma, I love wearing my husband's aftershave so this one appeals to me.

Happy Skincare Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm - sample - moisturises as it cleanses.  Love the smell of this balm just like Lemon and Grass.  What I don't like is that this appears to be heat effected and the ingredients have separated at some point.  Considering that this is a natural product I don't know how safe it is to use now and as I have severe allergies caused by the immune suppressing drugs I'm taking I don't think I will risk trying it.

Vaseline Ultimate 10 sample - anti-ageing moisturising body lotion.  Yawn.............

Loreal Paris Shine Caress Lipstick Gloss - Eve - Gorgeous mauve/pink in the tube very disappointed that it goes on clear.  I think this is more of a lipstain because I can't remove the bloody swatch off my arm!! Too bad there is no colour payoff on my lips.

Bonus - Maybelline New York Dream Pure BB cream - sachet -  I have already bought a tube of this stuff and I hate it!  Runny and no coverage.

So that's it.  Very much like the perfume, the lip gloss would be great if I could see the colour but the rest of it was pretty meh!!  Didn't feel like much of a celebration birthday box at all.

If you liked what you saw in this month's box you can find out more about subscribing here.

Jac x0x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Lust Have It ECO Spring Box

My LHI Spring Eco Box arrived today which was a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting it.

I was quite happy with what I received.  Lots of new goodies to play around with and plenty of it.  The ever present tampons which seem to be showing up in every box was a bit disappointing (I don't use them) and no cosmetics sigh......

OUT OF AFRICA 100% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter - Grapefruit Balm - 57g - RRP$9.99.  Has a really strong bitter smell about it, reminds me of coal tar soap or Pinetarsol.  Recommended for Sensitive skin, fine lines, wrinkles, psoriasis and eczema.  Contains Shea Butter, Grapefruit Oil and Vitamin E.

NUTRI SYNERGY NS-3 Lip Balm - 10ml - RRP$6.45.   Natural Organic Paw Paw formula, protects and soothes sore lips.  I quite like this brand, their body moisturiser is divine and smells like sweet orange.

FRESH THERAPIES Eden Natural Nail Polish Remover - tiny sample - plant based formula helps moisturise and nourish the nail and cuticles while gently removing polish.  I wish this sample had been bigger to get a good idea how it performs, there is only enough for one nail.  Smells like Limes!!

LA MAV DNA Phyto-Guard Pink Clay Mask - 60ml - RRP$39.95.  Anti-oxidant rich mask which hydrates while gently exfoliating the skin.  Contains Pink Clay and Moringa Seed extract.

SUKIN Foaming Facial Cleanser and Face Moisturiser - 50ml each - These are travel sized tubes of organic cleanser and moisturiser.  Sukin is another brand that I really like and they are available at Priceline. Contains lots of organic goodies and the cleanser is sulphate free.

SAVI Australia Organic Face Cream - Dry Sensitive/Mature Skin - 20ml - RRP$15.95.  I am so excited that LHI managed to match this moisturiser to my skin type!!

SAVI Australia Organic Wellbeing Hand Cream - 20ml - RRP$5.99.  Nourish, Sooth and Revitalise Hands and Nails. Fresh and invigorating scent intended to uplift your sense of wellbeing.

SASY n SAVY Citrus Souffle Body Creme - 10ml - Lemon and Lime essential oils, this cream smells delicious.  I think I will just use this as a hand cream as 10ml is hardly enough for your body.

Bonus product was the Tom Organic Tampons AGAIN!!

The overwhelming theme of this box was Citrus and Skincare.  The products that most excite me are the Clay Mask, Nail Polish Remover and the Savi Australia Face Cream.  I would have liked to have seen at least one piece of makeup but overall I am pretty satisfied with this box.

What do you think of this box?  Please leave a comment below.

If you are interested in subscribing to Lust Have It's Eco Box $29.95 per quarter,  you can find out more information here.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sigma Beauty Haul Australia

I thought I would share with you my latest haul from Sigma Beauty.  I recently discovered an Aussie Online Store who sells Sigma Brushes and Cosmetics at prices comparable with the US Sigma Beauty Store.  In fact Redfining Beauty have made it their mission to provide Australians with affordable Beauty Products without the "Aussie Markup" which we usually find added to international brands in Australia.

Redefining Beauty is an Authorized Reseller of Sigma brushes and Products in Australia and I was pleasantly surprised to find that their prices are the equivalent of the US.  We pay a little more because of the GST but it still works out cheaper than paying for international shipping.

I was really happy with the whole ordering process, their website is very easy to use.   From purchase to delivery it took two days and I live in regional Australia, not bad!!  My items were lovingly wrapped in a sea of bubble wrap and everything arrived in perfect condition.  If you like Sigma products or have wanted to try them but were nervous about purchasing from overseas,  I thoroughly recommend you try Redefining Beauty for yourself.

I already own quite a few Sigma brushes but wanted to try some of their cosmetics.  All of these gorgeous eye shadows and more are available in kits or you can purchase your favourite shades individually.

BARE Eye Shadow Base Kit

The Bare eye shadow base kit contains three creamy shades formulated to achieve a pigmented and long wearing effect.  Can be worn on their own or as a base primer to enhance powder eye shadows.  These remind me of Maybelline's Color Tattoos.  Each of the three Base Kits available Bare, Flare & Dare has a matching Eye Palette.  I purchased the Bare & Flare Base Kits and Flare Eye Shadow Palette.  I found the shades in the Flare eye palette was enough for me to compliment the two base kits I purchased.

PERSUADE ~ Matte Nude  SCULPT ~  Shimmery Charcoal  POSE ~ Shimmery Brown

Also included in each of the base kits is an F70 Eye shadow brush.

FLARE Eye Shadow Base Kit

PROVOKE ~ Matte Nude Peach  SPY - Duo-chrome Green/Maroon  PURSUE ~ Shimmery Purple

Spy did not photograph true to colour so I have added the following picture from the Sigma website.  This is a gorgeous maroon shade which reflect silver to green in the light.  Lovely solid jar, I adore the shape.

I tell you what once these shadows are on there is not budge or smudge!

FLARE Eye Shadow Palette

Sturdy palette with a large mirror in the lid.  Below is a close up of the shades, as you can see there is quite a variety to play with.  They are all highly pigmented iridescent satin shades.

Included is a Dual end brush E55 & E40

I will do a more in-depth review with swatches once I have played around with them a bit, so stay tuned!

So what do you think, if you have tried Sigma or would like too let me know below in the comments.

All products were purchased by me and I have not been paid or compensated in any way to review Redefining Beauty or Sigma Beauty.

Jac x0x

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bellabox September 2013

Well I finally received my Bellabox today and it's not even September anymore! I had a friend kindly go and pick it up for me 50kms away because courier services don't deliver to my area out in the boonies.

Can't say I am jumping up and down with excitement because I already knew what was coming from all the blogger reviews I had read.  I thought I would just do a quick share with you all and give you my opinion of how I felt about this month's box.

This month's box is brought to us by Cleo and my overall impression is that this box is meant for a younger audience (and the young at heart), there was nothing in this month's box that interested me.

Cleo Magazine - $6.95 - I don't buy magazines because they are full of advertising and very slim on content. Why should I pay to read advertising?  They should be paying me.

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Pac Masque - sample - this is for oily clogged skin, my skin is dry and mature, I need to add moisture not take it away.

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps - Deckchair Pastels - why would I want to make my nails look like a multi-coloured deckchair?  Gawd these are ugly, I hate stripes.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor - meh!  I'm a disposable kinda gal don't see the point on spending lots of money just to shave my legs.

Eyelure Naturalites - Natural Volume Lash - I don't wear false lashes, my eyes are sensitive and I could never wear anything like this.

Manicare Callous Exfoliator - my heels don't callous, another wasted sample.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Natural Bronzer Spray - If I receive one more can of useless spray tan I will scream, nah forget it, I think I'll scream anyway.  Straight in the bin,  Proud to be Pale!!  As my husband says "Why would you want to look like a Oompa Loompa?  Fake tan looks fake and makes you look an  orange."   He doesn't find women who wear fake tan very attractive (lucky for me).  Be proud of the skin your in I say.

ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Pencil - Berry - the only product I am excited to find in this month's box!

I know a lot of BB customers were really happy with what they received this month AND for $15 this is a great value box but I personally would like my money back.   A box is only as good as it is relevant to the customers interests and BB really missed the mark with me.

If you liked what was in this month's box and would like to try Bellabox for yourself go HERE for more information.

Sorry again for the rather negative review but I have not received one good box this month!

Jac x0x