Friday, 29 November 2013


I visited LUSH in Canberra yesterday and always manage to walk out with something, I love that shop!  The shop assistant was telling me that you can purchase your favourite products online here and they are having a free postage offer for Christmas, so if any of you would like to pick up a few of your favourite products now would be a good time to save on postage.  Lush have some gorgeous Christmas Packs available.

I love anything made with strawberries and this massage bar is no exception.  Made with crushed strawberries and hibiscus flower extract. Contains more Coconut Oil than some of Lush's other massage bars so it melts and absorbs into your skin easier.  No greasy after feel and the subtle fruity scent lasts and lasts.  This is a limited edition product so if you want to try it I recommend now.

This soap is made with freshly squeezed orange juice and orange oil.Contains real slices of orange preserved in a seaweed based jelly.   I usually purchase a block and slice it up into useable pieces so it lasts longer.  Keep in zip lock bags to maintain freshness.

If you love Ro's Argan Body Conditioner you will love Rose Jam Shower Gel because they have exactly the same aroma.  Rose, Geranium and Lemon Oils.  Contains Argan Oil to help soften your skin.  Apply a little to a body sponge and it lathers up a treat, leaving your skin feeling fresh and subtly of roses.  I like this shower gel better than the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner because it isn't as strong and doesn't clash with whatever perfume your wearing.  I noticed they have brought out "available online only" a matching Rose Jam perfume.  

What are your favourite LUSH products?

Jac x0x 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lust Have It November 2013

AVEDA  Botanical Kinetics - Gel Cleanser and Hydrating Lotion - Teeny tiny samples.  I don't know why they bother sending out samples so small.  Before I purchase expensive lotions these days I like to get a good idea that they will work on my skin long term.  I have so many jars and tubes of skin care that I purchased and found they didn't really suit my skin after all.

DAVROE Wellbeing Treatment Replenish - 50g - full-size - fantastic Australian company who sell an amazing array of natural hair care, I recommend you give them a try.

PALMER'S Exfoliating Facial Scrub - travel size - love Palmer's products, they all have the delicious chocolate aroma.

LONVITALITE C3 Collagen Firming and moisturising facial mask - one use cloth mask, I don't like these types of masks, they are cold and slimy and make me feel claustrophobic.  Lucky for me my Mum loves them so she will be receiving this.

BENEFIT They're Real Mascara - Sample size - I am so excited to receive this in my box this month.

MARY KAY Brow Definer Pencil - Black - This would have been great if they had sent me a light brown one to match my hair!!  It is way too dark.

MARY KAY  Thinking of You Perfume samples - OK this is Granny perfume and makes me smell like my mother, YUK!!

MARY KAY Soothing Foot Balm - full-size - Interesting product to find in the box, I don't use foot balm and I did try it yesterday but it wasn't very soothing and I didn't like the smell.

So that's it, quite a good box after a couple of crap months.  I hate the new packaging it is more flimsy than those beautiful paisleys we were receiving and they don't look as good.

What did you receive in your box this month, were you happy?

JAC x0x

Monday, 25 November 2013

Bellabox November 2013

Bellabox Pout Pencil - Pinky Promise - cheap ole made in china rubbish with the Bellabox name printed on the tube, broken and melted.  Certainly not worth the RRP$14.99.

Simple Kind to Eyes Makeup Correction Pen - RRP$11.99 - Simple is a brand made for sensitive skin, I look forward to trying this as I always smudge my mascara.

ASAP - Face Cleanser & Night Cream - teeny tiny samples, I don't know why they bother, I would never purchase a product based on this little amount of product.

LA ROCHE-POSAY'S Uvidea XL BB melt in cream - teeny tiny sample of BB cream in the wrong shade. I received dark, I am Caspar White.  I don't know how many time I have to remind BB of this.

AVEENO Daily Body Moisturiser - sample size - I have received this about three times before, hardly new or exciting, Yawn......

Oh and the bonus this month - a sachet of Bump Eraser Medi Paste - woo hoo!!

That's it, nothing exciting, more face wash, more moisturiser, a mis-matched tone BB cream, a broken melted lip crayon, and the only item of any interest the make up remover pen.

Note to BB, the new packaging is crap and arrived broken and damaged.  I am surprised I didn't lose any of my samples, not that they would have been missed, I'm not even going to ask for a replacement of the lip crayon.

JAC x0x