Monday, 24 February 2014

Lust Have It January and February 2014

Below is what I received from Lust Have It for January and February.  The reason I am reviewing the two boxes together is because I never received January's box and they kindly sent me a replacement which just so happened to arrive on the same day as February's box.

January's box

There was no card in January's replacement box so I will just list what I received here.

Paula's Choice Moisture Boost  One Step Face Cleanser - more bloody facial cleanser

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting AHA Gel - I don't use stuff like acid it makes my skin peel and it continues to peel with regular use, not a good look.

Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear -  Medium - I am FAIR, why do you always send me the wrong shade?

Simple Facial Washes - Travel Pack -these have been turning up a lot recently.  They are OK but I prefer Wotnots see my review here.

Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil - I believe this is for hair - teeny tiny 3ml sample - hardly worth the packaging really.  Certainly not enough of a sample to sway me to purchase.

Fluid Nail Polish - No.31 - doesn't have a name but this is a blood red.  (sorry the photo is a little fuzzy)

The only thing of interest out of January's box was the nail polish, I have never heard of this brand before........

February's Box

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel - exfoliating cream

The Cosmetic Kitchen - Makeup Brush - I am not sure which one this is as there is no writing on the brush but I would probably use it for bronzing my facial contours, nice soft brush.

The Cosmetic Kitchen - Loose Mineral Eye Shadow - Lemon - Yes I received yellow, my first thought was what the bloody hell am I going to do with that?  Why don't they ever send out wearable colours?  The only time I would get caught wearing this ghastly shade on my eyelids is if I wanted to scare little children!! Darn near scares me.

Vaseline Anti-Ageing Body Lotion - sample- too late for that, I could have used bathtubs of this about ten years ago.  I received this from a BB box recently, don't think much of it.

Clairol Professional Colour Radiance Shampoo - Sample - I am a little mystified why you would only provide Shampoo and not the matching Conditioner?

Clairol Professional Expand Volume Mousse - 50g Sample - strong hold mousse for hair that needs volume.  Not me......

Hand Spa Bijoux - this is a hand wipe that moisturises your hands, made in Japan.  At a $1.50 per wipe this isn't something I would use every day.

Once again can't say I am overly impressed by what was selected for me.  Another unusable eyeshadow and repetitive skin and hair care.  The only products that stood out for me was the makeup brush and the nail polish.

Hardly worth reviewing really as you have probably already seen every box from other bloggers, my boxes always arrive so late sigh........ I have put these up for those of you who are interested in what my thoughts are.

Jac x0x

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bellabox February 2014

Received my BB for February, have to say I am very disappointed.  Mismatched skincare in fact it was ALL skincare except for one tiny lip gloss sample.  This box is also starting to look like a sample bag from Priceline, except the Priceline Bags are better value.

Burt's Bees naturally nourishing milk and honey body lotion 25g travel size - normal to dry skin - Yawn its another body lotion.

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips - teeny tiny sample - 03 Passion Pink - full coverage very bright shades that make lips pop, claim to be long lasting.  I don't know if this is labelled correctly because the shade in the tube is dark purple.

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream SPF15 - Normal to Combination Skin - teeny tiny 7ml sample, good thing it's a small sample not so much to waste when I throw it away because it doesn't match my skin type anyway.  Oh yes, Yawn its another face moisturiser.

Romy Kosmetik Facial Toner - Yawn its another facial toner.

OM SHE Aromatherapy Wash Away Milk Cleanser - Yawn its another face wash.

Bonus item -  Swisspers Naturals Aloe Nourishing Face Cream - sachet - Yawn its another face moisturiser.

So that's it Cleanser, Toner, 2 x Face Moisturiser, Body Lotion and a small lip gloss, Woo Hoo I'm excited how about you?

Jac x0x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote 2014 - Type A

David Jones online have some great GWP at the moment you can find them all here.  I went back and purchased a few items that I am in the process of testing for future reviews and I thought I would purchase another Sampler Tote in the hopes I would pick up The Balm Hot Mama blush sample, my lovely friend Loz did receive the blush and she blogged about it here.  Unfortunately that wasn't one of the samples I received but I did receive the following.  I think there are two totes available, Type A & B but online you don't get to choose which one you receive so it's a bit of pot luck.

NATIO Skin Nutrition Body Creme 150g full-size - love NATIO products and happy to see this in the bag.

KIEHL'S Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream 7ml sample - This was also available in the Type B bag.

PHILOSOPHY Hope in a Jar Night Cream 7ml sample - I have heard great things about Philosophy so look forward to trying this cream.

BATISTE Dry Shampoo - Original - 50ml travel size - not so happy to see this, I have a way too many and always end up throwing them out because I don't use them.

OPI Nail Lacquer 3.75ml sample - Don't Burst My Bubble - this is a sample from the OZ range - this shade is sheer pink.

LDN Skins Self Tan Lotion 60ml - I don't use tanning products but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used this brand and what their thoughts are.

SCOTTISH FINE SOAPS - Au Lait Body Milk 50ml travel size - I received this in the Type B bag and I love it, have been using it all week, smells gorgeous and a little goes a long way.

GREEN PEOPLE Moisturising Shower Gel 30ml - I have never heard of Green People so look forward to trying this gel.

DR. BRONNER'S Magic Soap 34g travel size - All-One Hemp Lavender Pure Castile Soap - smells lovely.

IN ESSENCE Aromatic Oil Blend 9ml - Tahitian Escape - contains Jasmine, Patchouli and Orange.  Smells like tropical heaven.  I keep an electric burner on at all times and my house right now is smelling  like a Tahitian holiday.

KOSMEA Rose Hip Oil 3ml sample - received this in the Type B bag but I love it, definitely one of my favourite oils.

DAVID JONES BEAUTY  Milk & Honey Body Wash 60ml - Both the following were in the Type B bag too.

DAVID JONES BEAUTY Milk & Honey Cream 60ml - I really like the David Jones Beauty range and if you haven't tried their products they really are worth a go.

I was quite happy with this selection, 7 of the 13 products were completely different to the type B bag so I think it is worth picking up both.  I liked Type B marginally better, you can read that review here. But...... compared to the money I spend on beauty boxes where I receive maybe 5 tiny samples this is good value for $19.95.

Comes with this gorgeous black patent DJ's bag, I find these bags are good quality and very useful.

These sampler totes are available online or instore.

JAC x0x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote - February 2014 - Type B

I have been waiting waiting for January's Lust Have It box to arrive so I could blog about it but it still hasn't arrived sigh............

So instead I thought I would share with you what I received in my David Jones Deluxe Sampler Bag that did arrive today and I only ordered it yesterday!!  So I don't know why it takes Lust Have It so long to deliver their boxes.

For $19.95 I received the following samples valued at over $109.

Natio Spa Recovery Hand Scrub 90g full-size - big fan of Natio products, watch this space I will be reviewing some new Natio products soon.

Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream 7ml sample - I may be one of the few bloggers who has never tried Kiehl's so I look forward to giving this a go.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer 14.7ml sample - I was actually contemplating purchasing this product so it's nice to test a sample first, I will let you know if I like it or not.

Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum  7.5ml sample - apply 4-6 drops onto clean skin to help reduce fine lines, renew resilience and increase luminosity by morning.

Aveda Invati Shampoo and Conditioner 10ml samples - these samples are for thinning hair, my hair is very thick and long so I don't think these will be any good for me.

OPI Nail Lacquer sample - Glints of Gilda - very sheer nude shade.

The Balm Staniac sample - not so thrilled to receive this over the Hot Mama Blush that was listed and the main reason I purchased this tote, I'm not really into stains, I find them too drying.  My gorgeous friend Loz did receive the blush in her tote bag and you can view her review here.

Live Clean Fresh Face Soothing Daily Moisturiser 30ml - I have been on the look out for a good day cream and look forward to trialling this one, I will let you know.  98% plant derived, Orchid, Lavender and Chamomile extracts.

Kosmea Rosehip oil 3ml sample - Kosmea would have to be one of my favourite brands and I love their products.

Weleda Skin Food 10ml - this cream is recommended for very dry rough skin, great for elbows and rough heels.  Contains no baddies and is suitable for sensitive skin.  Very hydrating and one of my favourite creams.

Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Body Milk 50ml travel-size - lovely fresh floral scent.

David Jones Beauty Milk & Honey Body Wash 60ml - smells yummy just like you would expect honey & milk to smell.

David Jones Beauty Milk & Honey Cream 60ml - I quite like the David Jones range of beauty products, have you tried any?  Which are your favourites?  I really like their Radiant Face Moisturiser.

Gorgeous David Jones Black Tote

Also included was an empty free foundation sample pot from Laura Mercier which you can take into DJ's and get filled and a Complimentary Card for a Dermalogica microZone treatment at DJ's.

There are some great samples this season and I am looking forward to trying them all, certainly great value for $19.95.

Available online or instore.  You can find my review for the Type A tote here.

What do you think of all these samples for $19.95?

JAC x0x