Wednesday, 12 February 2014

David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote 2014 - Type A

David Jones online have some great GWP at the moment you can find them all here.  I went back and purchased a few items that I am in the process of testing for future reviews and I thought I would purchase another Sampler Tote in the hopes I would pick up The Balm Hot Mama blush sample, my lovely friend Loz did receive the blush and she blogged about it here.  Unfortunately that wasn't one of the samples I received but I did receive the following.  I think there are two totes available, Type A & B but online you don't get to choose which one you receive so it's a bit of pot luck.

NATIO Skin Nutrition Body Creme 150g full-size - love NATIO products and happy to see this in the bag.

KIEHL'S Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream 7ml sample - This was also available in the Type B bag.

PHILOSOPHY Hope in a Jar Night Cream 7ml sample - I have heard great things about Philosophy so look forward to trying this cream.

BATISTE Dry Shampoo - Original - 50ml travel size - not so happy to see this, I have a way too many and always end up throwing them out because I don't use them.

OPI Nail Lacquer 3.75ml sample - Don't Burst My Bubble - this is a sample from the OZ range - this shade is sheer pink.

LDN Skins Self Tan Lotion 60ml - I don't use tanning products but I would be interested to hear from anyone who has used this brand and what their thoughts are.

SCOTTISH FINE SOAPS - Au Lait Body Milk 50ml travel size - I received this in the Type B bag and I love it, have been using it all week, smells gorgeous and a little goes a long way.

GREEN PEOPLE Moisturising Shower Gel 30ml - I have never heard of Green People so look forward to trying this gel.

DR. BRONNER'S Magic Soap 34g travel size - All-One Hemp Lavender Pure Castile Soap - smells lovely.

IN ESSENCE Aromatic Oil Blend 9ml - Tahitian Escape - contains Jasmine, Patchouli and Orange.  Smells like tropical heaven.  I keep an electric burner on at all times and my house right now is smelling  like a Tahitian holiday.

KOSMEA Rose Hip Oil 3ml sample - received this in the Type B bag but I love it, definitely one of my favourite oils.

DAVID JONES BEAUTY  Milk & Honey Body Wash 60ml - Both the following were in the Type B bag too.

DAVID JONES BEAUTY Milk & Honey Cream 60ml - I really like the David Jones Beauty range and if you haven't tried their products they really are worth a go.

I was quite happy with this selection, 7 of the 13 products were completely different to the type B bag so I think it is worth picking up both.  I liked Type B marginally better, you can read that review here. But...... compared to the money I spend on beauty boxes where I receive maybe 5 tiny samples this is good value for $19.95.

Comes with this gorgeous black patent DJ's bag, I find these bags are good quality and very useful.

These sampler totes are available online or instore.

JAC x0x


  1. I think mine is different again.. will have to take some pics and get a post up so we can compare the 3...

  2. Thats interesting love to see your bag xx

  3. on 2nd look... it's a B. But there's at least one product different, I did not get the Dermalogica.. and I got the blush. Will hopefully have post up sometime tomorrow arvo x

  4. I adore Natio products. Enjoy! x

  5. Thank you Renee, I am a big fan of Natio too xx

  6. Awwww you got the blusher, let me know if you like it xx

  7. Read this and then went out and bought one of each bag today. How often do DJs do these bags?

  8. Hya Neen, I hope you like all your goodies!! It's been my experience that DJs do this twice a year, this is the Winter Tote and then they do a Summer Tote. Enjoy xx

  9. The tote is a complete skin care gear I ever thought about. With a wide range of
    product selection and offers, my goody bag had a special collection of products
    I needed.

  10. Glad your happy with your tote Carmen xx


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