Friday, 28 September 2012

Beauty Box Life Stage

I have noticed the past couple of months, customers of BellaBox and LHI complaining about the samples they get and how repetitive they can be.

I agree with them most times.  I being a 'mature' woman see myself in the middle stage of life BUT I think by the amount of moisturiser I receive each month and the lack of useful products like mascara, eyeliner, useable shades of lipstick or nail polish etc.....I don't receive, I must be in the last life stage.  I wouldn't have time to use a full-sized Mascara because I think they have me dead and buried already, HENCE the need for copious amounts of moisturiser!!

There are three life stages with both beauty box companies.  I once said that it feels like when they get to my life stage we seem to get what's left over as all the good stuff is already gone, I wasn't wrong.

While FREE samples has something to do with numbers it has nothing to do with your age or what stage of life you are up too.  It has everything to do with how many samples they receive from their suppliers and how best to divide them up between their customers.

It's a lovely play on words each month about how they have worked hard to bring you products that suits your profile and this month's products will give you a "Spring in you Step".  Another goodie is "Hand Picked by Experts", really? 

I'd say they DO work hard sorting out the free samples that they are given, coming up with catchy slogans each month, who gets what, crunching numbers and all with profuse amounts of blood, sweat and tears as one FB user put it.

Bellabox and LHI need to be more transparent with their customers.  YOU can only get what they are given.

But Please!  No more moisturiser for a while............I'm as supple as I am ever gonna be!

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