Thursday, 28 February 2013

Desert Essence Organics Spicy Vanilla Chai for your body

I purchase a lot of my personal body care products from iHerb because they sell quality health products at a very reasonable price.  You can find them here and if you are a first time customer apply this code TUW872 at the checkout for $5-$10 off your first order.  You will then receive you own personal discount code that you can share with your friends and family.   Also the most I have ever paid for shipping to Australia was $9 and my latest package arrived within 5 days, that's quicker than AusPost most the time.

Desert Essence is a certified organic company with no nasties included in their products.  All the fragrances are derived from nature and they make just about everything for your personal hygiene needs and they do it naturally.  You can find out more about this wonderful company here.

I have been using the following two products pretty regularly because I just love the smell and then my husband pinched them so I had to go buy more.

DESERT ESSENCE ORGANICS - Spicy Vanilla Chai Body Wash - 237ml -  RRP $10.99, iHerb $6.05

If you love Chai Latte like I do, you are going to love this fragrance too.  It smells just like a hot cup of creamy Vanilla Chai Tea.  This body wash is super lathering ( I use a sponge mesh ball), you only need a little on a wet sponge and then lather up!  Big flip-top tube but is also available in a pump bottle for the same amount and price.

Contains black tea, sugar/coconut cleansers, aloe, vanilla, clove bud, comfrey, nettle, sea kelp and a few other goodies.

What I liked about this body wash is that it's organic and NOT expensive.  The aroma is mild and not overly Vanilla and my skin was left feeling moisturised (no tight soapy feeling) and clean.   You can find this product to purchase at iHerb here.

Hand and Body Lotion                                Body wash

It is quite a dark toned lotion, I think that's the black tea, doesn't effect your skin though.

DESERT ESSENCE ORGANICS - Spicy Vanilla Chai Hand and Body Lotion - 237ml - RRP $8.99, iHerb $6.05

Lovely thick moisturising lotion which you can use all over your body, contains aloe, shea butter and jojoba oil.  Vitamin E, black tea, vanilla, honeysuckle and clove bud.  Smells exactly like the body wash and the scent mellows on your skin to just the right balance of sweet Vanilla and Spice.  Does a great job of moisturising your skin, absorbs right in and there is no greasy after feel on your hands.  Leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

What I liked about this product again is that it is an organic, natural product and I like the feeling that I am not absorbing any nasties through my skin.  You can find this product to purchase at iHerb here.

This is definitely one for lovers of Chai Tea and if that is not your thing,  Desert Essence have many other products made with Raspberry, Coconut, Lemon, Apple, Mint etc that might tempt you instead.

Please leave a comment below and let me know of any Desert Essence products you like.

I think I might go have a cup of Chai Tea!


  1. The hand and body lotion actually reminds me of caramel hahah! I've never heard of this brand nor have I bought from iHerb before. Don't think I would like trying this as I find chai tea to be really strong in cinnamon for me.


    1. Yeah your right it is like caramel. This moisturiser has more of a clove smell, I don't think there is any ciinamon in it. it's definitely an aquired taste but everyone who has smelt it on me like it.

      You should go take a look at iHerb sometime it will surprise you all the stuff they sell.

      Jac x0x

  2. Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

  3. Great blog! Have you ever tried anything else from Desert Essence? I personally am using the body wash right now and it's super fantastic! Probably the best body wash I have ever used! Also, the Topical Coconut Hand & Body Lotion is one of the best body lotions I have ever used! Non-greasy formula, really moisturizes and protects and heals my eczema-prone skin! I would strongly suggest you purchase more from this divine and wonderful brand. Please let me know, thanks!

    1. I like their products very much and purchase through thankyou for commenting on my blog.

      Jac x0x


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