Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brush Review

I recently purchased two sets of Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brushes from iHerb.  You can find them by clicking on the links.  The Base/Flawless Core Collection and  Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set.

I had heard good things about these brushes through blogs and reviews but wasn't that interested in purchasing as they are so expensive in Australia and I already have a massive brush collection.

When I saw them on iHerb for $17.99 each   I couldn't believe the price difference and thought I would give them a go.

The Base/Flawless Core Collection RRP in Australia is $44.99 - RRP iHerb is $17.99.

- contour brush
- foundation brush
- detailer brush
- buffing brush

Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set RRP in Australia is $39.99 - RRP iHerb is $17.99.

- deluxe crease brush
- base shadow brush
- accent brush
- eyeliner brush
- brow brush

The first thing I liked when I received this brushes was the sturdy case which doubles up as a stand just by flipping the wallet over and pulling on the toggle.

Professional looking brushes, aluminium colour coded handles in bronze (face) and purple (eyes).

The taklon brushes are soft but what I really like is that they are workable because of the dense bristles.  There is nothing worse than weak wishy-washy brushes.

Every single brush in these two collections is useable.  The only thing I would add in the base collection is a larger foundation brush, this one is too small for all over application.

In the face collection I would add a smaller base eye shadow brush and crease brush.  I found the ones in the kit to be too big and fluffy, GREAT for all over eye shadow application not so good for defined separate colours.

I really like these brushes, usually in collections you will find one or two brushes you will reach for every time but I have found that I pretty much use all of these brushes when applying my makeup.  Good brushes don't have to cost the earth and I would compare these brushes favourably with more expensive brands that I own.

There are individual brushes available too if you only want a couple of brushes but the collections are very good value and a great introduction.

You can find out more about Real Techiniques by Samantha Chapman brushes and makeup tutorials here.

For an even bigger discount for first time customers at iHerb apply code TUW872 at checkout for an extra $5-$10 off your order.

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  1. Oh my god I love these brushes! My boyfriend bought them for me for my birthday since my original brushes shed so much. I haven't experienced any shedding yet and these are incredibly soft.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog! Please join my giveaway as well if you're interested :)

  2. Oops, sorry. That was the wrong link!

  3. Thanks Louise entered!! Your right they haven't shedded yet, I am pretty pleased with them, I think I might go back and get the rest :o)

  4. @ Not Just Inside, I think I love em too!! lol

  5. @Beauty by MissAsh, thank you for leaving a comment, I really appreciate you reading my blog. Unfortunately Amazon don't ship these Sigma items to Australia and the Sigma website charge way too much for shipping. I am following your blog and I would appreciate it if you could follow me back x0x

  6. RT brushes are awesome! Sigma brushes are too but I like how inexpensive yet high quality the brushes are!

  7. Hi Vicky, thanks for commenting it's nice to talk to people who take the time to read my posts :o)

    I would have to say my favourite is the buffing brush, I like the short stumpy bristles. They are good quality for the price.

    I like Sigma brushes too, I just wish it wasn't so expensive to ship them to Australia.

  8. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  9. @ Le Petit Plastique

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means a great deal to me.

    Just been for a visit to your blog, great by the way!! and I am following you now.

  10. I've heard so many great things about these brushes I think I'm going to have to place an order and try them for myself :)

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find the award rules and questions here, to answer in a post:


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