Saturday, 30 March 2013

LORAC Unzipped

A couple of months ago I splurged out and purchased the LORAC Unzipped palette and it would have to be my most go-to "nude" palette.

I purchased through and I paid $40US

Now the only thing I am going to compare to my other "nude" palettes is the size of the palette and the fact it was the only one that didn't come with an eye brush.  Each palette has it's merits and I love them all.

LORAC Unzipped comes with 10 full-sized pans of eye shadow.  Six  satin/shimmer and four matte.  A large mirror in the lid and it is small enough to pack in my cosmetics bag for travelling without sacrificing colour range.  I don't mind that it doesn't have a brush because I rarely use the brushes that come with palettes anyway.

Every one of these shades is useable and can be blended into many many combinations.  There is a good mix of light, medium and dark and would suit most skin tones.  Great subtle nudes by day that can be turned into a sultry smokey eye at night.

These shades tend more to the gold, browns, plums and pinks which is OK by me because they are the shades I gravitate towards the most anyway.  There is not one shade in this palette I cannot use.  That's a big deal for me because usually I can only use 3-4 colours in any given palette.

(top - l-r)   Undercover ~ Creamy White almost Matte slight Shimmer
Unbelievable ~ Peach Copper Shimmer
Unattainable ~ Taupe Gold Shimmer
Unconditional ~  Dusky Rose Brown Matte
Unbridled ~ Cocoa Berry Matte, very slight tinge of Deep Berry Red

(bottom - l-r)   Undiscovered ~ Gold Shimmer
Unreal ~ Pink Shimmer
Uncensored ~ Brown Taupe Satin
Unspoken  ~ Brown Gold tinged Matte
Untamed ~ Cocoa matte, glows with a Deep Berry Satin finish

I applied these swatches fairly heavily because I wanted them to show up with my camera. they do apply lighter but can be built up to this incredible depth of colour as portrayed in these swatches.

Don't you just love the pattern, everything in the Unzipped palette begins with UN.

Every single one of these shades is richly pigmented, soft and creamy, they feel like silk to the touch.  I have not experienced any fall out, no chalkiness  and they are all very blendable.  Can be applied dry or wet and wet really intensifies the colour.

I feel if you are going to own any palette and are drawn to these shades this is definitely the palette for you, I don't think you would be disappointed. 

Do you own this palette or would you like too.  What are your favourite colours?  Or do you have another favourite 'nude' palette?  Please comment below I would love to hear from you.


  1. Apart from the first whitish shade, I love all the others. That one's a tad chalky-looking for me. Awesome pigmentation, I do not own a nude palette. Sacrilege! But I own a few different nude shadows haha! Love the name of the palette and the individual shadows.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I think it was my heavy hand with the Undercover I had to slap it on rather thickly so it would show on the camera it's quite sheer otherwise.

      I stopped buying nude palettes after this one too many!!

      Jac x0x

  2. Love the pink shimmer, thanks for swatches!
    .Georgina Clare.

  3. I really need to get my hands on one of these palettes! Those are pretty much my everyday colours :)

    1. Definitely a good palette Lily and they are my go to colours too!

      Jac x0x

  4. Oh my! That is one beautiful palette! It has the colors that I love most from the Naked Basics palette with the addition of those incredible shimmer shadows! It looks incredible!

    xx Bridget


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