Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Creative Blogger Award

The Creative Blogger Award

I would like to thank the gorgeous Meesha from Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts 
for nominating me for this award.  

I would ask anyone who follows me to take the time to pop over to Meesha's blog and follow her she has a beautiful blog and I am sure you will end up liking her as much as I do!

The Creative Blogger Award participant rules are;

Thank the blogger and link back to their blog.
Share three things about yourself.
Share two things about yourself others don't know.
Share one thing you would like to change about yourself.
You must answer the questions asked by the tagger.
Select your nominees who are deserving of this award.
Ask your nominees a few questions as well.
You must inform the bloggers about their award.

Three things about myself

1.  I love walking around Art Galleries on my own,  I could spend all day there.

2.  I am a trained Chef but gave it up when I had kids, the hours didn't work, so I changed profession and now work as an Athletics field events coach in primary schools.

3.  I used to do make-up for weddings and special occasions.

Two things others don't know about me

1.   I can't stand really large crowds of people, I get overwhelmed and start to panic, don't know why.

2.  When I was at school I secretly wanted to be a mechanic but girls weren't allowed too back then....

One thing I would like to change about myself

I would like to be more outgoing.   I am very shy in social settings and hate to be the centre of attention, if I can find a quiet corner that's where I hide.

Meesha's questions for me.

1.  Do you like to wear red lipstick?  If yes, share your favourite red lipstick.

No I don't wear red lipstick, I am so fair it leaves me looking cold and stern, I wear pink lip gloss mostly.

2.  What was your first time ever...buying/trying a beauty/makeup product?  What was the reason or story behind it or what, if anything or anyone, influenced this?

I received a bag full of makeup from my Aunty when I was about 12, that started a lifelong interest in makeup.  My mother ALWAYS taught me to look after my skin, my first moisturiser was NIVEA.

3.  What is your holy-grail skin care product?  And if you have one, what does it do and how can you be absolutely certain that it has short or longterm benefits for your skin's health and is not just a gimmich or marketing scheme.

That would have to be Macro Natural Vitamin E cream, I have LUPUS and it is the only thing that stops my face from peeling.  If I stop using it the dry flaky skin comes back.  It is the last thing I apply to my face before I go to bed.

4.  Is there a makeup product, for example eye-liner, that you feel like you cannot go out the door without?  This does not necessarily imply that you do notfeel secure about how you look without it, but you personally feel tht it livens up your face and makes you look glowing/healthy?  (For example, for me it used to be eyeliner, but now sun screen has replaced it!)

I do not leave the house without BB cream on, evens skin tone and protects from the sun, makes me look healthy and glowing.

5.  Do you believe in beauty sleep?  How many hours of beauty sleep do you all get within 24 hours?

My day starts at 4.30 am and I usually am in bed by 9pm.  I don't sleep well and get up 3-4 times during the night, I have a lot of pain due to my illness.  So I don't know about beauty sleep.... but I do believe in Nana Naps, quick little snoozes during the day to re-energise, the older generation are onto a good thing there lol......

6.  Do you have an exercise or self-balancing regiment?  If so, what is it?(All inclusive...from Insanity PX 90 to Yoga to Meditation to a 30 minute walk...)

I used to run 10kms a day and go to the gym for light weight training, spin classes, swimming all that stuff.  I am preparing to have ankle fusion surgery this year so all I can do now is light walking every morning for 30 minutes, anything else is too painful.

OK I am going to be a bit slack here and nominate all my lovely beautiful interesting followers, in fact anyone who reads this please join in.  I find you all so creative and you all deserve this award.

My questions are:

1.  If you could be anybody famous who would it be and why?

2.   I always knew I would have a son first and had his name picked out since I was 10.  Did you or do you have names picked out for your children?  Care to share them? (Jared)

3.  If you could pick what colour eyes and hair you could have what would they be?

4.  If you could choose any place in the world to live where would it be?  (Me, Lake Como Italy) 

5.   Plastic Surgery/Botox or growing old gracefully?  (I pick gracefully)  

6.  What was your first brand of cosmetics?


Please leave a comment below if you do complete this award.  I would love to read your answers and please pass it on to your followers, it is a good way to meet some fun people and learn something about them you might not ordinarily know.


  1. Congrats on the award! I love red lipstick, but it definitely can be hard to wear sometimes!

    1. Thank you Shannon, I have tried and tried but can't find a red which suits me, pale is best on my skin.

      Jac x0x

  2. Hi! Congratz on your award! :)

    By the way, I just started blogging and found your site.Maybe we can follow each other thru Google friend connect?Let me know or email me at :)

    My blog:

    ~Like my FB page,Follow me on Twitter,Circle me on Google+ & I'll do the same!Promise guys! ;) -CJ

    1. Thank you I appreciate your comment and would be happy to follow you.

      Jac x0x

  3. Congratulations! :D I know what you mean about red lipstick, so i normally wear a light colour on my lips x

    1. Thanks Elle, I have big green eyes so I usually play up them and minimise the lips with nude or pink

      Jac x0x

  4. Congratulations! I avoid red lippy like the plague, it makes me look like my face is on fire. Corall-ish ones are okay though.

    1. Hya ReNu, thank you. I am only just discovering that coral looks good on me, I have usually just stuck to pink :o)

      Jac x0x

  5. I was being naughty and read this post during class a little while back, but I forgot to leave a comment. I enjoyed reading your answers. We're both a couple of shy gals! xxx

    1. Reading in class tch tch. : o)

      Thanks for nominating me

      Jac xx


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