Sunday, 14 April 2013

Twist and Pout Gem Clip with Shimmer Balm Review

I just wanted to share with you all these very cute little gem clip lip balms I found on

My kids have been clipping things on their bags for years and now I can too!  

They come in a range of styles, you can find out more about them from their website here.

They make a very cute gift for a friend or just for yourself.

Just say Zen

Contains a moisturising SPF20 lip balm in shimmering pink.  They add a little colour to your lips and have reasonable staying power.


The lip balms that come with the clips are citrus flavoured and you can purchase 40ml refills from Amazon for $3.  There is also a vanilla flavour available in the refill.  You could also refill with your favourite de-potted lip balm.


I purchased the 4 styles pictured here, I kept the Just Say Zen for myself and the other three are gifts , I like to give presents that are a little different.

My Fair Lady

The gem clip were $11.50 each and postage was $7 which I think is quite reasonable seeing as they are shipped from the US.

Delivery is usually within 1-2 weeks depending on what you purchase, I find Amazon quicker than some aussie companies I have dealt with.  They have some great bargains in shoes, cosmetics, clothing etc... They are really worth a look.

A couple of things you need to know when purchasing from Amazon.  ALWAYS before you start browsing click on the International Shipping "AmazonGlobal Eligible", that way you will only see items which can be shipped internationally.  Also a little further down on the left you have sellers you can click on, make sure you click on "Amazon" as they have the most reasonable shipping charges.  Amazon is like Ebay and anyone can sell their goods on the Amazon site but they can also charge a fortune to ship to Australia too.  It has always been my experience when purchasing from 'Amazon the seller' that they charge a fair shipping price.  I have never had a problem dealing with Amazon direct.  You may find the item cheaper through another seller on Amazon but they hit you with the shipping.


  1. Cool post :-D.


  2. Oh I love the look of the cherry blossom lip balm! Too bad I have an entire box of unused lip balms so I might have to wait a little before I buy more lip products :S

    1. They look great clipped on your bag :o)

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