Friday, 14 June 2013

My Napoleon Perdis Haul

I thought I would share with you the Napoleon Perdis Haul I recently purchased from David Jones Online.  I don't think you get the largest selection online to choose from compared to walking into a David Jones store but there was enough for me to add this fantastic GWP to my cart.

Purchase $79 or more and receive a 7 piece make up gift valued at $200, the offer is available until the 23rd June online or instore.

~ Prismatic Eye Shadow Quad
~ Lip Lacquer
~ China Doll Eyeliner
~ Mosaic Powder - Gleamer
~ Travel Size Gold Long Black Mascara
~ Makeup Shakeup Lesson Card
~ Blue Ostrich Print Tote

Now they say you get a choice of 3 bags with three different colour combinations.  I thought I had chosen the brown eyeshadow collection shown in the photo above but received the blue eyeshadow collection instead.

I purchased a Mosaic Powder Bronzer and Mosaic Powder Blush to qualify for the GWP.

Bronzer  ~  Blusher  ~  Gleamer

I used all three of these Mosaics yesterday and I have to say I LOVE THEM!!  Highly pigmented, Matte Bronzer and Blush,  the Gleamer has a slight sheen, no sparkle, you only need a little, they are all buildable and the colour stays all day.  I didn't need to refresh my makeup at any time during the day, no fading.  I will say for my pale skin the bronzer and blush went on a little dark but it was easy to buff out and achieve the tone I was looking for.  Well pleased with these.

This is the Prismatic Eye Quad #3 I received.

I was not too happy I received the blue/grey/charcoal at first because I don't wear these shades normally but I did wear them yesterday and was quite happy with the result.  It's always good to try something new outside your safety zone, you might surprise yourself!.  I was quite impressed with the staying power of this shadow, the colour stayed fresh all day, there was no fading or creasing.

The Lip Lacquer ~ Shameless Nude ~ is a very pretty pink rose gold slightly holographic shade in the tube but gave me no colour benefit once on the lips.  It is very thick and sticky and I found it extremely hard to apply.  When I tried to apply it as a gloss over my lipstick it took all the lipstick off.  Best used on its own for a glossy juicy look.  Because it is thick and sticky it stays on well until you have something to eat or drink and then the whole lot just disappears.  Can't say I am too impressed with this lip lacquer.

The Gold Long Black Mascara ~ travel size,  I didn't like at all.  It was thick and just made all my eyelashes stick together, I don't know if I got a bad sample but based on that I would not go out and purchase the full size item.  If anyone has a positive review of this mascara I would love to hear from you.

The following product I haven't tried yet as I don't wear eyeliner but it is a very pretty Teal.

China Doll Eye Liner ~ Teal

I loved the big roomy bag all my goodies came in, I will certainly get some use out of it, usually the bags that come with these GWP's are awful but this one is really nice.

There was also a card for a makeup lesson but I live too far away from the city to be able to ever benefit from it.

I was very happy with the quality of most the cosmetics I received and I definitely think this offer was good value.

What do you think?   Have you purchased this offer or tried NP for yourself?   Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Jac x0x


  1. MyBeautyJunction14 June 2013 at 16:01

    What a gorgeous GWP! The tote looks really nice and I love your shadow quad and those awesome mosaics.

  2. I saw this GWP! Haven't tried many NP products but I do that that blush. It so pretty!

  3. I am really excited by the NP cosmetics, they are expensive but the quality is fantastic!!

    Jac x0x

  4. The compacts they are in a great and you get a lot of product, I love the colours too!

    Sarah don't forget to enter my giveaway.

    Jac x0x

  5. ooh, I really like your blue/grey shadows, unlike anything I have in my stash. EOTD please? :) Too bad about the mascara and gloss though, and the liner. I suck at applying liner so that would def go to waste in my house :) Honestly, I've never heard of that brand!! Country Bumpkin or what!! lol

  6. It's an Aussie brand Loz, I know Napoleon Perdis made NP SET for BigW and Target and then he has his regular NP cosmetics that I picked up at DJ's. I like the brand even though it's a bit pricey but BigW just had 30% off so I picked up some other palettes I'm going to review.

    Jac x0x

  7. How gorgeous is that gleamer?! I absolutely love it - glad that the GWP applied to online after all :)

  8. Aww thank you Amy!! I went looking for the blog where I saw the GWP first so I could mention you and I just couldn't remember where I saw it, thank for dropping by and reminding me.

    Jac x0x

  9. Great purchase Jac! I never knew NP did GWP - a pretty generous GWP too! Ive never tried their products but i always had my eyes on their mosaic blushes! Definitely on my wishlist now :) - and a masssssive thank you for referring me to I.C.O.N India, you're the best! ^_^

  10. Lily I think NP are worth the money, I got the blush and bronzer 30% off so shop around and pick them up when their on special.

    Your very welcome for the referral :oD

    Jac x0x


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