Friday, 12 July 2013

Lust Have It Winter Eco Box Review

Today I received my quarterly box from Lust Have It.  I must say I am very happy with what I received. The first product that catches your eye as I am sure it has caught all my readers is.......

Mayaltha ~ Better Breasts  175ml  RRP$49.94 - this is a full-sized product from The Natural Source Company where all those Camouflage cosmetics that keep turning up in our boxes comes from.  This is an all natural australian plant derived serum that helps strengthen and soothe delicate breast tissue, restores skin tone and reduces the appearance of sagging and stretch marks.  Smells gorgeous and I look forward to trying this but after four babies I don't hold out much hope.

Grant's Natural Toothpaste selection ~ selection of 3g samples ~ RRP$3.95 - $5.95 110g. All natural toothpaste available in some really interesting flavours, I received;  Orange Cinnamon with Neem Oil, Mild Mint with Aloe Vera, Fresh Mint with Tea Tree Oil and Xylitol with Mild Mint. NO fluoride, NO Parabens, NO SLS, NO Sugar, made with Natural Flavours and All Australian.  I look forward to trying these.

NUTRI SYNERGY NS-5 Cuticle & Nail Complex, 15g RRP$9.95 ~ Nutri Synergy make a really good body cream and I think this nail cream is going to be just as good.  Nourishes and restores dry, ragged cuticles, hangnails as well as helping to strengthen and promote healthy looking nails. Very thick and emollient, massages right into your skin and the skin around my nails looked better after first application. I have just started treating my nails with Revitanail nail strengthener so I am going to use this product too and see if it helps improve my skin.

Couleur Caramel ~ Natural Organic Makeup ~ I received a lipstick no name just a number,  I visited their website and the shade is Beti Pink Pearly Lipstick RRP$32.95.   I tried this on as soon as it came out of the box and now as I am writing this half an hour later, I am pleasantly surprised that even after a cup of coffee it is still on my lips and they feel moisturised.  I am not normally a fan of lipstick but I love this one!!

The packaging is super gorgeous and the shade is the prettiest pink with gold flecks.  I will certainly look into this brand of cosmetics and you can find out more about them at their website here.

ROSEHIP PLUS ~ Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll-On RRP$13.50 15ml.  I recently read a very positive review about this product and I look forward to trying it for myself.  Big fan of Rosehip oil.

Handy 15ml tube with a metal roller ball so you can just roll the oil on your skin where needed. Nice idea and a very handy size to keep in your bag or travel with.

PLANET EVE ~ Luxe Hand Cream, RRP$29 50ml.  This is a 10ml sample of hand cream made from all natural ingredients features high powered anti-oxidants Acai and Lingonberry which target ageing skin and as we all know our hands are the first to show signs of ageing.

SAVI ORGANICS ~ Organic soothing cream, RRP$27.95 60mls.  This is a 20ml sample of essential oils & plant extracts cream which claims to be ANTI-bacterial, ANTI-fungal, ANTI-inflammatory and ANTI-viral. Helps soothe, heal and prevent skin irritations.  I look forward to trying this cream, has a very botanical aroma definitely Tea Tree oil in there.

Also included is a Discount Code for The Natural Source 40% off and a Special Offer from Planet Eve a FREE Rose Hydration Mist with any purchase over $50.

All up I am very impressed with Winter's selection and at $29.95 excellent value.

Well Done LHI!

If you would like to find out more about this subscription please go here.


  1. That Savi Organics cream was in the LHI June box! That would seriously suck if you were subscribed to both the eco box and the regular womens box.

  2. Yes it would seriously suck Abigail, lol.... I knew I had heard of it somewhere recently. Fortunately I didn't receive in June so I don't mind so much to get it now.

    You made me laugh!

    Jac x0x

  3. I recently unsubscribed the Eco box, I love it but these boxes are really cutting back on my monthly food expenses! A very interesting box, the lipstick looks gorgeous, lol better breasts, at first glance i thought it was a breast enhancing product. i'm very curious to see what the monthly box is now!

  4. Lisa Carrieanne12 July 2013 at 16:45

    Love the packaging and colour of the lipstick so prettying

    Carrieanne x

  5. I think I like their quarterly boxes better than the monthly and for $10 more you do get a better selection. When my monthly subscription ends I am only going to keep the Eco box one going.

    Better breasts, if it enhances mine that would be a miracle!!

  6. Carrieanne the lipstick is gorgeous, usually I receive unwearable reds but this one suits me perfectly.

    Jac x0x

  7. MyBeautyJunction12 July 2013 at 18:40

    I love how all the samples are decently sized and you've got three full sizes. I wish some of these gorgeous boxes would ship internationally, though I've been emailing quite a few of them to ask if they have plans. I'm still awaiting my June Lip Factory box and the July shipping alert - have you got your notification? :(

  8. I am having problems with Lip Factory and payments, I haven't heard back from them yet so don't even know if I am going to receive a box this month.

    Yeah it was a great box this month, worth the extra money. It would be nice if they could ship international, I think its the shipping costs that stop them.

    Jac x0x

  9. ooh I like the lipstick. looks like a great box, lots of interesting products.

  10. The lipstick is great. I don't know about the boob cream though, made mine sticky, think I put too much on, wishful thinking lol............


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