Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Whimsical & Heavenly Revlon Nail Polishes

I wanted to show you all some swatches of a couple of my favourite Revlon Nail Polishes.  I know that these polishes have been around for quite a while overseas but they have only recently become available in Australia.  I have found them at Priceline, Kmart and David Jones.


The definition of Whimsical is  'playfully quaint or fanciful'  and I think that description suits this polish perfectly.

With just a hint of robin's egg blue base and a multi-mix of blue, pink and micro holo glitter.  This polish looks good on it's own with 2-3 coats or as a top coat for a base shade.  What I like best about this polish is that even when you add multiple layers, it is sheer enough not to dull the glitter.  Long-lasting polish that doesn't chip and gives a subtle hint of colour and glitter for those of us that don't always like to sparkle.

Whimsical (l-r) One coat  ~  2 coats

There really isn't a difference between 1 or 2 coats of Whimsical as you can see above.  You do need to gently roll the polish between coats to mix the glitter thoroughly.

Whimsical (l-r) 3 coats  ~  4 coats

After the third coat you can certainly see more of a hint of base colour showing through.  It tends to look more blue in natural light as opposed to camera light.  Again not a lot of difference between the third and fourth coat so if I was wearing this on it's own I would stop at 2-3 coats. 

Whimsical really looks gorgeous as a top coat, imparting a delicate spray of glitter over a pastel base.  I have used 4 different bases.  The first two are;

Revlon Blue Lagoon  a beautiful baby blue with micro silver shimmer &  Sinful Colors Cinderella another baby blue with micro red shimmer.  You may be able to make out the silver and red shimmer below.  Baby blue is my favourite combination with Whimsical, I adore this shade of blue, when my twins were babies this was the colour on the walls in their room.

Revlon Blue Lagoon  &  Sinful Colors Cinderella

With the Whimsical top coat it helps to bring out the red shimmer in Cinderella below on the right here.

Revlon Blue Lagoon  &  Sinful Colors Cinderella
2 coats Revlon Whimsical

The next two shades are MODE Ooh Baby and MODE VIP just to show you how well Whimsical works as a top coat on pastel shades, I find it a very feminine and understated look for those days when you don't want to be too flashy.

MODE Ooh Baby  &  MODE VIP
2 coats Revlon Whimsical


Revlon Heavenly

This is a gorgeous multi-coloured opalescent glitter polish which is so jam packed full of glitter you only need to apply one coat and it looks gorgeous on it's own but absolutely fantastic over a dark base.  Most of these polishes are available at David Jones or Priceline in Australia.

Revlon Heavenly one coat and one coat over black polish

I will do another review of Heavenly with a variety of coloured swatches soon.

I hope you like my swatches, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Revlon Glitter Polishes.

Jac x0x

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