Saturday, 17 August 2013

Vivo Cosmetics Haul


Offer ends GMT 9am 19th August.

I am so excited, today I received my order from Vivo Cosmetics and I just had to share it with you all.  They recently had a 50% off SALE which I took full advantage of and the following are all the goodies I received. Vivo Cosmetics is a UK brand and they are available at Tesco or online here with Free International Shipping if you spend more than £20 - $34.18.  All prices shown here are in Sterling and Australian Dollars.

Under Eye Roll-on Concealer ~ LightRRP. £3.59 - $6.14

Wrinkle Minimiser Cream Primer ~ RRP. £6.99 - $11.95

Beauty Balm ~ Warm IvoryRRP. £5.00 - $8.55

Giant Face and Body Bronzer ~ Golden Days ~ RRP. £4.00 - $6.84  this thing is huge!!  Contains a matte and golden shimmer (circles, vivo) bronzer.

12 Shade Colour Block Palette
Show Me the Money ~ Dreamy ~ Enchanted ~ Unprotected RRP. £3.99  -  $6.82 each

Show Me the Money                           Dreamy                                     Enchanted                                   Unprotected

On the Go Artist Blush, Bronze & Eye Palette ~ 9 shadows2 blush1 bronzer & 1 powder - RRP. £7.99 - $13.66

Smoky Moods Ultimate Eye Kit ~ Daytime Smoke ~ RRP. £4.00 - $6.84

Contains three eyeshadows and a black eyeliner.

Matte Eyeshadow Sandstorm ~ 3.8g RRP£1.50 - $2.56
Pearl Eyeshadow ~ Dusty Pink ~ Mink ~ 3.8g RRP£1.50 - $2.56
Volume Mascara ~ Black ~RRP. £2.59 - $4.43

Sandstorm ~ Dusty Pink ~ Mink

Vivo Blush and Highlighter Duo ~ Sweet PeachPink Primrose Sugar Candy   RRP. £2.39 - $4.08

Sweet Peach ~ Pink Primrose ~ Sugar Candy

Blush and Highlight Kit ~ What's Mine is Mine ~ Show Me Yours and I'llRRP. £5.99 - $10.24

What's Mine is Mine  ~  Show Me Yours and I'll

Each palette contains a cream blush, powder blush and a baked blush.  Gorgeous creamy highly pigmented shades, love em!!

Matte Lipstick ~ Wow Pink  Naturally Nude ~  Pink Sweetie   RRP. £1.99 - $3.40

Wow Pink  ~  Naturally Nude  ~  Pink Sweetie

Lipstick ~ Barely There ~ RRP. £1.99 - $3.40

Barely There

Lacquer Shine Lip Gloss ~ Spiritual ~ Fire ~ RRP. £1.99 - $3.40

(top) Spiritual ~ Fire

Colour Stain Lip Crayon ~ Thing Called Love Wide Awake ~  RRP.  £3.99  -  $6.82 each

(top) Thing Called Love ~ Wide Awake

Colourwash Gloss RRP.  £1.00  -  $1.71 each
Early to Rise ~ Raring to Go ~ Calm and Relaxed ~ Setting Sun ~  Let's Go 

Early to Rise ~ Raring to Go ~ Calm and Relaxed ~ Setting Sun ~ Let's Go

All the cosmetics were lovingly wrapped in a sea of bubble wrap and foam.  I tend to open international parcels with one eye closed because something always seems to arrive broken but nothing was broken YAY! Best packaging I have seen for a while and everything was individually sealed, tamper proof.

This was a really big order for me much more than I would normally purchase but at 50% off the usual RRP above, I went a bit mad.  I need to play around with these a bit more before I do a more in-depth review but if there is anything here you would especially like to see swatched, let me know in the comments and I will review them first.

Be aware that it is illegal to post nail polish by international air and you run the risk of having your parcel confiscated by customs at both ends if they find it.  I have 'lost' every parcel from the UK which has contained nail polish, I don't bother trying anymore.

Jac x0x


  1. Wooowww that is a massive haul! 50% off is definitely worth it considering how cheap they come down to! Hopefully they're of reasonable quality as well. Can't wait to read your reviews :)

  2. I've loved what I have tried so far just want to wear them a bit this week before I start reviewing. They are having a 50% off sale this weekend if your interested.

  3. MyBeautyJunction17 August 2013 at 17:16

    Whoa is that their entire product range? Loving the pictures, especially the On The Go Artist palette. And what's the Beauty Balm like? Warm Ivory sounds not-too-pale.

  4. holy s@#$! that's a whole lotta goodies :) I've been wondering what their stuff is like so please share! the eye shadows look please :)
    I don't get any parcels from the UK with polish in them either and have also given up :( such a bummer...

  5. Ooooh I love VIVO! I put in two orders not that long ago- they keep extending the promo 50% off plus free shipping and now I'm tempted to buy more!! The highlight and blush kit is amazing for travel 'cause you can choose from cream, powder or baked blush in the one compact! One thing I will say is that the smell of the lipstick makes me feel a bit sick- it's supposed to be vanilla, I think, but it smells too artificial and chemical :( But for one pound I can hardly complain :P Enjoy your haul :)

  6. Also, how unlucky about the nail polish :( I didn't even realise there was a customs problem- I order polish from MUA and VIVO all the time and have received mine no worries. Although... my latest MUA order is suspiciously late.....

  7. Thanks Lee, your lucky with the nail polish, I can usually get it through the US but I haven't succeeded with the UK for a few months now and I know of others who haven't received theirs either. The 3-1 blush is fantastic, I don't mind the lipstick but the gloss has a strong vanilla aroma.

    Jac x0x

  8. No worries Loz I will do the eye palettes. My last three orders from the UK contained nail polish and they all went missing but other parcels arrive fine. It just isn't worth the risk anymore.

    Jac x0x

  9. I picked up just about their whole range lol........ I will let you know about the beauty balm tomorrow, warm ivory was the lightest shade they have.

    Jac x0x

  10. Oooh, I want everything. So many pretty colours! I know, shipping nail polish is so tough. I've gotten away with it but I'm always nervous!

  11. That's what I said when I went on their website "I want everything"
    I'm just not willing to risk a whole order on a couple of bottles of nail polish anymore

    Jac x0x

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  13. The Barely There lipstick and the Everyday Smoke eye kit look fabulous, so I'd love to see those reviews first. It's a great haul with so many items - and I'm glad that nothing was broken when you opened the package!

  14. Ok I would love to do that for you. I tried out some of the single shades, the bb cream, mascara and blush on the weekend, I love it so far!

  15. Oh my goodness!!!!! How in the world did I miss this post!!!! I like the look of smokey moods eye kit, it looks like the palette in michelle phan's makeup line except a billion times cheaper (although a bit bigger but she's selling it for $75 O_O)

  16. Really? I will have to go take a look, that's a lot of money for a eye palette.

    Jac x0x

  17. whoaaaa! great haul! i've never actually heard of this brand till i saw your blog!

  18. You should try some they are a fantastic brand!


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