Monday, 16 September 2013

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Sponge-On Foundation

I have been searching for a new foundation because my old ones just don't do it for me anymore, as you get older less is more but I still need good coverage to cover redness caused by my LUPUS.

I recently purchased this Elizabeth Arden foundation in Vanilla online.  I applied it dry, directly from the sponge included and I didn't like it.  It was thick, went on cakey, collected in my pores and creases and looked patchy and greasy after a while.  I though Sheesh I just wasted 50 bucks!! Shoved it in the TOO HARD basket and forgot about it.

I then received a sample of this foundation in Toasty Beige, which I believe is their most popular shade.  I was mucking around with my Sigma F80 brush and thought I would buff a bit of this on my face to see what it looked like.

Toasty Beige  ~  Vanilla

Damn!!  Its Good!!  Toasty Beige is a little dark for me, makes me look tanned.  What I did was evenly buffed a little all over my face and then I got out my Vanilla and added a layer to places I wanted to lighten up, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.  My skin looked great and I didn't even have to use powder to set it.

Toasty Beige  ~  Vanilla  ~  Mixed 

These swatches were applied dry for photographic reasons but you can see how thick they are, adding some moisture sheers them out but you lose none of the coverage.

The trick is, throw away the sponge and grab your favourite buff brush.  The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki is perfect because of its short dense bristles.

Spray a little hydrating mist ( I used Kosmea hydrating rosewater mist ) to dampen the brush, swirl it through the foundation (Toasty Beige), and then buff your face.  The mist helps the foundation to blend more sheer with your skin so you don't use as much product.   Give it a few minutes to oxidise and then swirl your brush again through the foundation ( I used Vanilla this time ) and go over the areas that need extra coverage or lightening.

Toasty Beige  ~  Vanilla  ~  Mixed
All three buffed out, sorry bit fuzzy hard to photograph but you can see how sheer they get

All my redness was gone.  I used a little extra of the Vanilla to conceal under my eyes and around my nose by patting it in with my finger.

Using a damp brush or sponge and less product makes all the difference for a perfect base.

Contains micronised diamond powder to reflect light and diminish flaws.  Very hydrating without being oily and leaves you with a healthy glow and great coverage all day.

The sturdy Gold and Iconic Red Door Compact with a full sized mirror is just gorgeous.

I don't think I would go and buy these two separate shades again, next time I will look for a better match in-store instead of purchasing sight unseen online, usually the lightest shade is a perfect match for me.  Not this time!  That might be something you need to take into consideration before you purchase this foundation too.

Have you tried this foundation or have a favourite, do you have to mix shades for your perfect colour?   Please share and leave a comment below.

Jac x0x


  1. driving30_with_2gether16 September 2013 at 06:54

    This foundation looks absolutely stunning!

  2. trying new foundations is so much trial and error! I'm wanting a compact one but can't even be bothered starting my search :) lol I like the coverage of these so they might just be my starting point.. thanks Jac

  3. Love the packaging! It reminds me of the YSL compacts! I am a powder-foundation user myself (damp sponge or beauty blender, not brush or dry sponge) and am lucky to have found a decent, smooth one in Shiseido's sheer mattifying range, and the right shade - O40 - but it took me years of buying and binning crap to arrive at this one.

  4. It is a gorgeous compact for sure! It is so hard to find the perfect foundation and when your skin changes you have to start all over again :o)

  5. Great post! Been looking for a new foundation so maybe I will try this one out :)

  6. I hope you like it if you do try it!

  7. It's been a very long time I've been in a department store (my partner doesn't seem too keen on makeup browsing!). My Australis foundation is drying me out quite a bit, I'm keen to give this a try. Did you get this on elizabeth arden's online store?

  8. I picked up this one from David Jones online, they had more variety than my local Dj's store. have them quite cheap in a good range of shades with free shipping to Oz if your interested. xx


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