Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lip Factory March 2014

I recently re-subscribed to Lip Factory a beauty box from the US.  You can find my past reviews here.  This month is "It's all about the Lips" so every product in the box is for your lips.

I received 5 products and honestly I'm more than a little disappointed.  I have been seeing some great box reviews the past few months which is why I re-subscribed but this month's offering leaves me really flat. Nothing really exciting stands out and my biggest disappointment is I received Mirenesse, now while there is nothing wrong with Mirenesse, I already have a ton of the stuff and mostly free from the front of magazines. All the products are cheap budget items and certainly not worth the US$32.  If next month's offering doesn't jump out the box at me I will be un-subscribing again.

Mirenesse Lip Bomb $34.90 - #13 - pale pink - I had to laugh when I saw this, subscribing to an international beauty box to receive an Aussie product.

Ellovi Lip Butter $5 - this is a clear moisturising lip balm, that you can eat apparently, I wouldn't though you would probably end up with the runs.  Contains Coconut, Sunflower, Hemp, Macadamia, Marula and Shea.

Jesse's Girl Vitamin E Treatment $3 - another clear lip balm.  One too many lip treatments in this box.

Cargo Cosmetics Lip Quad $24 - South Beach - absolutely no colour pay off in these four glosses.   By the looks of the packaging (think reduced bin) and smell of the gloss this is really old stock that has gone rancid. Not happy with this at all.

Jesse's Girl Lip Liner $1.99 - Naked - more like a berry shade.

Can't say I would recommend Lip Factory to anyone this month, such a shame they have been so good in the past.

JAC x0x


  1. Thanks for such an honest review!!!

  2. Your welcome, it's only my humble opinion but if you read my other reviews of Lip Factory you can see they can do better :)

  3. I'm still waiting to receive a mirenesse gloss from a beauty box! Oh gross, i hate old stock! I wonder if everyone received the same, or whether you'd be able to raise it to lip factory.

  4. That's too bad... Great review though, love your honest!

  5. I literally just wrote my review on this box, and obviously we felt very differently! I was really happy with everything! lol!
    I know how you feel with the Mirenesse - I felt the same way when I got a Model Co product in one of their previous boxes, which I feel are even worse than Mirenesse in terms of getting them from magz for free and such lol.

    It's a shame about your Cargo Lip Quad, mine was really nice, maybe you got a bum one? :(

    Either way it just shows everyone has different tastes :) Hopefully you like their next box better if you don't unsubscribe!

  6. Sorry you're not happy with this box! I love Cargo products, but this sounds like a gross one.

  7. Thanks Leah, I went and had a look on the Cargo website and there are some gorgeous items there but even they don't sell the lip quads anymore which makes me think these are definitely old stock they wanted rid of. xx


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