Thursday, 28 June 2012

LUSH Ultrabalm review

I purchased this balm a couple of weeks ago when I went into the LUSH store to pick up my favourite soap (more on that later).

Basically this is a very natural product with only three ingredients, Jojoba oil, Candelilla wax and Rose wax.

I was surprised when I first opened this balm because it is really hard, like candle wax hard, I was expecting to be able to swipe and apply like most other balms.

Has no fragrance, for some reason I thought Rose because of the Rose wax but it just smells like wax.

With this you need to rub your finger across the surface until the friction melts some of the balm to oil and then you can apply it to your skin.

It is oily but not overly greasy. It applies well and you can use it on just about anything.

The label says "for bits that chap and chafe", so far I have used it as a balm for lines on my face, round my eyes, my lips, dry spots on my skin, scars, cuticles and massaged into the ends of my hair.

I like that the oil absorbs easily into my skin and there is no greasy after feel. Leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised and helps plump out those pesky frown lines.

I don't particularly like it as a lip balm, I find it too thin and it doesn't stay on your lips but I like to smooth it around my lip area because it is a great moisturiser and then I add lip balm.

You get 45g of balm in a tin with a screw on lid, which is a great bonus as anyone who has wrestled with a lip balm lid which just won't come off will testify.

Great value as a little goes a long way and one tin should last you a long time.

Anyone who loves the idea of an all purpose natural product will love this balm, I do.

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