Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lust Have It Beauty Box Review Australia June 2012

This is only my second box from Lust have it.

I was disappointed with this months selection as there was not much variety or products that interested me personally.

I don't expect to love everything that comes in the box, they have to cater for the wider community so understandably you aren't going to like everything. But when it arrives and there is absolutely nothing in there that peaks your interest, it is very disappointing.

So what did I receive?

1.   Two tiny perfume vials, Marc Jacobs - Daisy and Roberto Cavalli - Eau de Parfum. These are OK, I personally don't like to receive perfume samples because I can go into any big department store and ask for free samples. To be fair, others do like to receive them and there is enough in the sample for two or three uses so its not too bad. This also counted as one item so two samples is pretty generous.

2.   Bloom Glitter eyeliner. I don't like Bloom products and was not impressed with this eyeliner. I refuse to put anything near my eyes that contains glitter, I applied glitter eyeliner only once and the glitter scratched my eyeball and I suffered a  really bad eye infection from it. Again others will disagree and love that this is a full sized product with a value of $14.95 so already they have got their money back this month. Just not for me.

3.   Batiste - Blush dry shampoo. Again another product I am not impressed with. I have waist length, dry hair and would never use a dry shampoo, I just have no need for it. I also wasn't impressed that this was included in the box because it is hardly a premium or boutique product. This was a 30g sample, great for travelling, some will love this, I don't.

4 & 5.   Lon Vitalite 24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask and Full Eye Mask. I was very disappointed with these samples. They were included as two separate products when they should have been included as one, bit of a rip off.  I used the Face Mask, it was freezing, it gets really cold and I could barely stand to have it on for the 20 minutes.  To be honest I saw NO difference.  I am still not really sure what it was suppose to do but there was no change to my face at all.

What do I think?

Not enough variety this month. Two perfumes and two masks. Should have been one of each and another product or the Lust Have It team could have been a bit more generous and included all those samples plus another product.

After all these are free samples provided by the companies who use Lust Have It to advertise and reach a wider market. What is our $14.95 a month really for?   I think they could be more generous with what they provide in the box each month.

I have seen what other beauty boxes overseas include in their boxes including discounts for purchasing full sized products, why isn't that done here in Australia?

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