Wednesday, 20 June 2012

bellabox June review Australia 2012

June's bellabox was a nice surprise, full of terrific goodies :)

What did I receive?

1. Benefit POREfessional pro balm. I generally love Benefit products and use quite a few. Unfortunately this is one I don't like, it actually accentuates my pores instead of reducing them, its not pretty. This is a very generous sample size 7.5ml and I know lots of people are going to be happy to have received this. Just not for me, but I will happily pass this on to someone who loves it :)

2. Benefit Total Moisture Facial cream. Wow how lucky can you get two Benefit products this month. A 3.5g sample and it's a pretty good general facial moisturiser. The only thing I didn't like about this product was the fragrance, it's really strong.

3. Pure Fiji body butter. I love love love body butters and was very happy to receive this generous sample, I think its about 20g. I love the company Pure Fiji, I like their commitment to the enviroment, local communities, and their use of natural wild crafted ingredients. I received this in Pineapple, while it had a sweet floral scent I was hard pressed to smell pineapples. Still a very good product.

4. Sally Hansen Colour Quick Chrome Fast Dry Nail Colour pens. Very interested to try this, it is a full sized product with a value of $16.95.

5. Be In Awe Vimala Cleanser and Codayati Renewal System. I received two 3ml cleanser sachets and a 5ml renewal pump. I am looking forward to trying these products as I prefer to use natural creams with no added nasties on my skin. They use only natural concentrated ingredients based on Ayurveda holistic medicine. They are an Australian owned company and they make all their products here and they have a wonderfully informative website at

6. Fan di Fendi fragrance sample. I found it interesting that they advertise this as a new feminine fragrance because I found it to be quite masculine and more suited to aftershave, too strong for me.

7. Olea Olive Leaf Drops. This is an interesting product that claims to have 400% more antioxidant power than Vitamin C. Unfortunately I couldn't test these as they contain sugar and I am a diabetic but I gave them to my husband who conveniently had a cold at the time and he said they were pleasant tasting and the menthol helped clear his nose. As for the antioxidant claim I think you would need to take them for a lot longer than the sample size allows to see any benefit. These have a RRP of $6 for 12 drops.

Overall I was very impressed with this months bellabox, there was certainly a lot to look at and try and I think something for everyone there! Good one :)

If you would like to try BB for yourself go here.

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