Monday, 2 July 2012

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When brushes become dirty they stiffen, lose their softness and don't perform as well.  Dirty makeup brushes can harbour bacteria which can cause acne, eye infections and spread skin infections through open sores.  Each time you buff makeup into your skin you are working in bacteria, old skin cells, dust, dirt and oil that has collected on your brushes, yucky!

Clean brushes ensure smooth, even application of makeup and won't mix old makeup with new and effect the colour and tone you are trying to achieve.

Makeup brushes should be washed once a week.   I have a collection of brushes and when I have used a few for a week I transfer them to my 'dirty brush holder' and start using another clean set until I have enough brushes to do a big wash.   I like to use clean eye brushes daily for hygiene and product transfer as old shadow can change the new colour your working with.

I like to use a pump anti-bacterial hand soap to wash my brushes but you can purchase specialised brush cleaner or use baby shampoo, ordinary liquid hand soap, or any gentle 'soap free' cleanser.

What you will need:   Cleanser, a large bowl and a thick absorbent towel.

1.  Place a 3/4 rolled towel onto the draining board of a clean sink.

2.  Fill bowl with tepid water.  (hot water will cause the glue in your brush to melt and the bristles will start to fall out eventually)

3.  Pump a small amount of soap into the palm of your hand.  Just enough to form a lather.

4.  Holding the brush downwards, try to dip only the bristles into the bowl of water.

5.  Roll the bristles around your soapy palm forming a lather, gently use your fingers to work the soap in.

6.  Rinse soapy brush under the cold tap until the water runs clear.

7.  Gently squeeze bristles and flick brush downwards to remove any excess water.

8.   Smooth bristles to reshape brush and place on rolled towel, bristles facing diagonally downwards so any excess water can drain away.

9.  Repeat step 3 to 8 for remaining brushes.

10.  Leave brushes in a warm place to dry, rotate occasionally and smooth down any errant bristles, leave overnight or until completely dry before storing away.

Washing your brushes regularly ensures that they stay soft and in good condition, if you look after your brushes you should get many years out of them.  After all good brushes are expensive and you need to look after your investment.


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