Tuesday, 3 July 2012

e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss Review

This review is for the Hypershine Collection Limited Edition.

(from the top) Au Naturale, Pageant Princess, Berry Cherry, Ruby Kiss and  Raspberry.
This collection includes a great selection of shades which would suit just about everyone.

I have a draw full of lip glosses and I am pretty fussy when it comes to gloss.  I like thick glosses that are a little bit tacky, I think they stay on longer and I am all for staying power.  Also my expectation is if the gloss comes in a certain shade it should appears as that colour on your lips, so many lipglosses look pretty in the tube but there is no payoff  on the lips.

I didn't have high hopes when I purchased this collection, I have only just started using e.l.f. products as they aren't readily available in Australia and we pay 3 times the price of our US sisters.  Being a budget product I don't usually find cheaper lip gloss to be much good.

Boy was I wrong!!

This formula delivers everything I look for, little or no fragrance and taste, it is thick, stays on the lips, doesn't feather and the colours are beautiful and glossy.  Makes my lips look very full and luscious, lasts a long time for a gloss and my lips feel moisturised.

This is a great pen to throw in your handbag, the brush applies smoothly, touch ups are a cinch because there is usually enough product left in the bristles to reapply, so no wastage.   The only problem I am having is getting used to how many twists I need because sometimes too much product comes out, if you hold the brush up to the light you can see the gloss, one or two twists is usually enough.

I have included a couple of photos of swatches, one in natural light and one with the flash.  I apologise for the quality, my camera isn't that good.  I swatched my 15 year old son's arm and while he was very interested in the process I don't think it is something he will readily admit to his friends.



(from left to right)  Au Naturale, Pageant Princess, Berry Cherry, Ruby Kiss and Raspberry.

I know that colours vary on different people so I can only comment how they appear on me.  As you can see from the photos the shades do change in the light.

Au Naturale - A frosty nude with an iridescent glow and some sparkle. 

Pageant Princess - Very pretty light pink with a mother of pearl sheen, fills your lips and make them look naturally very full.

Berry Cherry - This is very close to my own lip colour, appears very natural and slightly more pink on me than represented in the photo. 

Ruby Kiss - I am very pale and not usually one for highly pigmented shades but this shade is divine.  I love what this does for my lips, very luscious and full and just screams kiss me!

Raspberry - Another pigmented shade with glossy shimmer.  This is more a deep pink on me which I love.

I love all these shades, they are described as sheer on the e.l.f. site but I think they have just the right amount of pigment, the quality is fantastic and I feel they are very wearable for a multitude of looks day and night.

The only problem is deciding which one to wear, mmmmm.............

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