Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty Box Buys

I was thinking the other day I have received about ten beauty boxes now and I was wondering exactly how many of the samples I had tried led me to go on and buy full-sized products. 

Here is a list of brands I have received samples for, my thoughts and what I have repurchased.

Aurora Spa - I loved the samples of Shampoo and conditioner I received from this company, just waiting for them to get the full-sized products in stock so I can purchase. Yes I think they are worth the wait but it is frustrating that they didn't have stock to coincide with their samples being distributed.

BeneFit - Love BeneFit makeup but not quite so keen on the samples of moisturiser and eye cream I received.

Bioderma - not impressed, the eye makeup remover didn't even work.

You, Me & Everybody - Love their Shady Lady Moisturiser works great as a sunscreen under makeup, definite repurchase this Summer.

LUK - edible lipgloss, great unless your allergic to sesame and nuts.

Neutrogena - I have repurchased the Intensive Eye cream, it really works!  On the strength of this product I have gone on to purchase more from their extensive range, including moisturiser, cleansers and Acne products for my teenagers.

Palmers - Night Renewal Cream is the best and I have repurchased.  This cream is moisturising, skin still feels soft in the morning, shows it doesn't have to be expensive to work.

USPA - Beehold styling gel, this product is just loverly, leaves your hair controlled and no overpowering aroma.  It's expensive $32 for 150ml but if it works, hey it's worth it.  I will be repurchasing once my sample runs out.

Savoir Faire - overpriced,  I just don't like their products.

emerginC - I love their Phytocell cream, it is rich and super moisturising, slight smell of oranges, I really want to repurchase this product but at $105 per 50g, I don't know if I can justify it.  Waiting to see it come on special.

Aveeno - wasn't impressed with their moisturiser.

Lush - Dirty soap, I love this stuff!!  Repurchased three times already and who can walk out the store without purchasing everything else?  Not me apparently!

Almay - I already use quite a bit of Almay makeup, the Get up and Grow mascara I received is my favourite mascara of all time.

Ulta3 - Nice nail polish, pity I don't wear it.

Carmex - I have used Carmex lip balms since I was a teenager, will definitely repurchase.

Be In Awe - Love the concept of natural ingredients but not in Awe of the price, doesn't work any better than what I already use.

Sally Hansen - great company if you wear nail polish.

Comvita - wasn't impressed with the serum and moisturising samples I received.  Smell funny and the moisturiser had the consistency of paste.

Pure Fiji - Love love love Pure Fiji, definitely would repurchase their Coconut moisturising lotion.

Fendi - perfume samples, haven't tried one yet I would want to purchase.

Sebastian Professional - Shampoo and Conditioner, didn't impress me.

Prestige - wasn't impressed with the black and white broken sample I received but I love their blushes.

Avene - really liked their Rich Compensating Cream and Eye Cream. Would consider purchasing in the future.

Skin Vitals - those face masks feel really odd and broke me out.

Baby Foot - unfortunately I am diabetic and can't use these samples but from what I heard from others they work fantastic to remove rough heels.

tanGo - Loved the tan removal cloth which I use for makeup removal, works a treat.  Will repurchase when this one wears out.

ModelCo - I received a lipgloss, fantastic gloss but doesn't last long.

EVO - Loved the shampoo and conditioner I received, would definitely consider repurchasing if I couldn't buy the Aurora Spa.

OPI - Great brand if you wear nail polish.

Caron Laboratories - this bump eraser smelt putrid and I wouldn't put it anywhere near my skin.

Calvin Klein - perfume samples

TIGI - Catwalk sessions True Wax, a tiny bit of this goes a long way and I would definitely repurchase, tames your hair a treat.

Aromatherapy Associates - smells fantastic Rose moisturiser and face mask, wasn't impressed though, the moisturiser went on very waxy and didn't absorb into your skin.

Shisheido - love the brand but the lipstick colour I received was too dark and I wouldn't repurchase.

Wet n Wild - received a very pale nail polish that I wouldn't use but like their cosmetics very much

LonVitalite - another face mask sheet, haven't used them don't intend too.

Batiste - dry shampoo, very handy for trips but would not repurchase as I don't like to use.

Bloom - not keen on Bloom cosmetics, haven't been impressed with their products.

Marc Jacobs - perfume sample

Robert Cavalli - perfume sample

Mirenesse - I love their cosmetics and the lipgloss I received was a divine pink shade.  I use quite a few of their products already.

I haven't liked any of the perfume samples I have received so far.

So out of 40 brands I will or have repurchased from 18 of them , maybe not the same products but I have purchased others items from the same brand.  Living in the country and not having access to Department stores makes Beauty Boxes good value for me as I get to try products I would not normally hear about.

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