Sunday, 16 September 2012

iHerb Australia

Discount code for you - TUW872 - $5 to $10 off your first order at

I have recently discoverd iHerb and am excitedly awaiting my first order which should arrive this week (Yay) and I will update my blog with photos and reviews.  Here.

For those of you in Australia that are not aware,  iHerb are an eco-friendly company based in California which sells over 30 000 natural products ranging from Vitamins - Beauty products - Groceries - Home - Pets. is a US company that ships internationally. 

What do I like about iHerb.  They sell a huge range of natural organic products that are not available in Australia or are considerably cheaper than what I would pay here.  If you stay under 1.8kg (shipping calculator at checkout), shipping is a flat $4 all the way to Australia.  Even if you go over, shipping costs are still reasonable and they give you a choice of shipping options. 

UPDATE:  DHL Express now offer up to 92% off their published rates to iHerb international customers.  Now you can order heavier items and save on shipping.  This is a fantastic saving. 
Good One DHL!!

To give you some idea of just how much you can purchase for under a 1.8kg this is a list of products I ordered. 

Henna Hair conditioner masque 113g
Shampoo 340ml
Conditioner 340ml
Leave in Conditioner 120ml
Face Serum 30ml
Firming Serum 30ml
Face moisturiser 59ml
Eye cream 30ml
Cocoa butter stick 28g
Lip balm x 2 8.5g
Shaving brush x 2  (Hubby)

These are all natural quality products and I paid just $4 postage.

iHerb have other great incentives to shop with them.  For first time customers if you use this discount code - TUW872 you get $10 off your first order if you purchase over $40.

I saved over $20 in discounts, as well as purchasing products at least 50% cheaper that what I can get them for in Australia.  That is a considerable saving and when your on a tight budget it makes sense to shop wisely.

Be aware that not all products can be shipped to Australia because of our strict quarantine laws, fortunately iHerb have a function that tells you if it is prohibited so you can remove it from your cart.

So please if you are interested in natural organic products like me, go to they are really worth the look.

Don't forget to use code - TUW872 -  to get $5 dollars off your first order and $10 off if you spend over $40.


  1. I have heard fantastic things about iherb x

  2. iherb are brilliant, I have never had a problem dealing with them. We seem to miss out in Australia with variety of products and we always pay twice as much, iherb are very reasonably priced :o

  3. hi i recently ordered off iherb and i live in aus, after reading many reviews their was alot of negative reviews reguarding the iherb international shipping process some even saying their package never came, this left me really worried and nervous now! is iherb reliable? thanks.

  4. Hi there, which option for shipping did you choose for the $4 shipping. I'm only buying real techniques brushes and wanted to know which is the best option


  5. Global Priority Mail is a flat $4 if you spend over $80 and up to four pounds in weight, otherwise it is DHL Express for $8. I have never had a problem with either service, have always received my parcels safe and quick.

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