Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lust Have It Pink Ribbon Mystery Hamper Review

I recently purchased the Lust Have It Pink Ribbon Mystery Hamper.

Everything came in this beautiful reusable box all wrapped up in pink gauze.  My initial reaction was "Wow!!"

This is my first look in the box.

 This is what I received:

Baby Foot exfoliating socks x 8
LonVitalite 24K Gold Eye Mask x 8
Tigi Bed Head Glaze Haze Hair Serum 60ml x 8
Avene Eye make up remover 25ml x 8
Dermalogica Multivitamin power recovery masque 15ml x 8
Pure Fiji nourishing exotic oil Orange Blossom 20ml x 8
Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL volume 200ml x 3
Lancome Juicy Tubes 7ml x 2
Show Face eyeshadow x 1
Show Face blusher x 1
Lancome Renergie Morpholift Nuit 50ml x 1

Firstly I am very happy to be helping such a worthy cause.

I certainly think you are getting value for money with this hamper and I will enjoy giving these samples away.

The Baby Foot, Dermalogica and LonVitalite eye masks were a real surprise to find in the box.

I would have liked a card describing what I had received like you do in the monthly boxes.

There was not enough variety, it gets a bit repetitious, I don't think you need 8 eye make up removers or hair serum.  As we all have different needs more variety would have been interesting for my guests.

I was also disappointed that if this was for 6-8 people why I only received two glosses in the same shade and two shadows.  Also compared to the 2-4 people hamper I didn't receive anything extra in make-up even though I paid twice the price, I would have been better off purchasing two small hampers to receive twice the make-up, Batiste and Renergie.

My idea was to have a mini spa night.  I would have liked to have seen facial cleansers, moisturiser, eye cream, nail care and certainly some more makeup.

Very disappointed in the two shadows I received, Dirty Brown and Bobo the Clown Red, totally unusable.  These compacts weren't even labelled, I have no idea if the red is suppose to be blush or eyeshadow.

Overall I am very happy with the value for money but I think LHI could have put some more thought into the hampers and added more variety and not so many repeats of the same product. 

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