Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beauty Repurchased Tried and True Skin Care

Since I have been receiving monthly beauty boxes this year I have found that I am purchasing many new items to add to my beauty regime.

I realised though that with all the changes there were still some tried and true products that I always repurchase as nothing comes close to replacing them.

MACRO VITAMIN E CREAM 100g glass jar RRP $11.00 - I have blogged about this amazing cream before but it is worth another mention.  I can't remember how many times I have repurchased this little jar of goodness but it is the last cream I put on my face and hands every night and it is my miracle cream that I can't live without.  This rich emollient cream is very good for dry, sensitive skin, repairs skin damage, sunburn and reverses the signs of ageing.  I credit this cream for keeping my skin in such good condition, I am often told I look at least 10 years younger.

NEUTROGENA AGLESS INTENSIVES DEEP WRINKLE EYE CREAM 14g tube RRP $30 but I have found it cheaper on special for about $22 at Priceline.  This is THE best eye cream I have ever used, it does everything it claims to do.  The most telling thing for me is that every time I stop using it to try another eye cream sample all the puffiness comes back under my eyes.  This is the only eye cream that stops my eyes from puffing.  Fine lines are diminished, shadows and crepe like eyelids are gone and the puffiness of course.  I also use this around my lips, marionette lines and forehead, this is a great cream for all those deep wrinkles.  It won't remove them completely but my face looks a LOT smoother and makeup looks better.

LACURA RENOVAGE INTENSIVE SERUM 30ml RRP $19.99.  This is an Aldi brand, which I am quite impressed with, I have tried the whole range but this is the one that I have repurchased twice now.  It makes a great makeup base, plumps and moisturises your skin ready for foundation.  I feel my makeup looks better and lasts longer when I use this cream.  Great value, only need one pump for face and neck so lasts a long time and definitely worth trying.

YES TO BLUEBERRIES LINE REDUCING LIP TREATMENT 2g RRP US$9.00.  I have yet to find this stocked in Australia and have to repurchase from the US.  This natural treatment/lip balm is well worth the effort if you can get hold of it.  I have seen great improvement with the dryness of my lips,  it's super moisturising and has no greasy after feel.  Makes a great base, primer for lipstick/gloss.  I use this morning and night to keep my lips in plump luscious top condition.

VASELINE LIP BALM SPF30+ 4g RRP $2.95.  This is my go too lip balm whenever I am working or playing outside in the sun and wind.  Thick application that stays put and great protection in our Aussie conditions.  I have one of these in every hand bag, my husband and kids all use this fantastic lip balm.  Stays on for hours and only needs reapplying every four hours.  Out of all the lip balms I own this would have to be the longest lasting and best protection, I have been buying this for years.

KOSMEA RADIANCE 24/7 YOUTH BOOST 20ml RRP $39.95.  This lovely oil from Kosmea uses organic Rosehip oil with the added goodness of Seabuckthorn, Camellia and Pomegranate oils.  I started off just using the Kosmea Rosehip Oil but this is better.  I use it as part of my night routine, you only need 2-3 drops on damp skin, gives your face a healthy moisturising boost of antioxidants.  My face has never looked better, my skin definitely has a healthier glow about it and skin texture is tighter and more youthful looking.

ROC RETINOL CORREXION DEEP WRINKLE NIGHT CREAM 30ml tube RRP $19.99US.  I purchase this from Amazon as I haven't found it in Australia.  I am on to my third tube and haven't found anything that comes close to replacing it yet as a night cream.  Contains Retinol a pure form of vitamin A which stimulates the growth of new skin cells and helps keep your skin looking younger.  Can make your skin appear red with initial use so it is best to use it every second day until you get used to it, don't be alarmed if you persist the redness will go away.  You can use this under another moisturiser, I like to use Macro Vitamin E cream.   This cream has helped control all the flaky and dry spots I used to get, it work like an exfoliater to reveal younger looking skin.

PURE FIJI HYDRATING BODY LOTION 354ml RRP $29.95.  This has been my go too body lotion this year, I have purchased just about all the fragrances available but my favourite would have to be Coconut.  Smells wonderful and is super moisturising, I have really dry skin and go through moisturiser by the bucket.  Pure Fiji helps keep my skin moisturised all day and is the next best thing to a tropical getaway, just close your eyes and inhale.

I have repurchased other items but these are the ones that really stand out for me.  I will be doing a Beauty Repurchased Tried and True Cosmetics next.

Please don't forget to leave a comment, I would love to hear what some of your favourites are.

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