Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mirenesse Cleanser Review

I have recently been alternating between 3 different Mirenesse cleansers which I received in Glamm Boxes.

POWER LIFT MULTIACTION SILK CLEANSER 60g, RRP $49.50.  Mirenesse claim that this is a 3-in-1 product which cleanses, tones and moisturises in one easy step.  Good for even the most sensitive skin, deeply cleanses while not stripping your skin of natural oils.  You massage a small amount into your face and then wipe off with a dampened cloth.  Contains Lavender essential oil and Macadamia oil which gives this cleanser a slight nutty smell.  I use this with my Konjac sponge, I massage the cream in with my fingers and then use the sponge to wash it off.  This is not a foam cleanser it is more like using Cold Cream.  This cream does remove all your makeup including stubborn mascara, doesn't sting your eyes or leave your skin feeling dry and tight. Certainly leaves your face feeling clean and soft, but I wouldn't use this cream to replace toning and moisturising.

POWER LIFT MICRO DYNAMIC FOAM CLEANSER 60g RRP $44.50.  This is an anti-aging foam cleanser with the added benefit of  Olive oil liquid crystals which deeply penetrate your skin to moisturise as you wash.  Organic Orange Oil which helps restore skin balance and Hyaluronic acid which helps promote collagen production.  I wouldn't say that this is a foam cleanser but more of a rich creamy lather, a pea-size amount is all you need to massage on damp skin to remove all the day's grime.  Smells wonderfully of oranges and leaves your skin feeling super soft, I can feel the moisturising effect of this one.

POWER CLEAR D-BLEMISH GEL CLEANSER 60g RRP $49.50.  This cleanser is for skin prone to acne, I don't suffer from acne but find it gentle enough to use on my dry mature skin.  This is my favourite of the three cleansers, mainly because I just love the use of Peppermint Essential Oil and the way it tingles and tones my skin.  Peppemint oil has a calming effect on red, itchy, inflammed skin, it has a lovely cooling effect which is great in this hot summer weather.  I wouldn't say it is foamy but more of a rich lather, it is a hard working gel which removes all signs of makeup without stinging and leaves your skin feel fresh and smelling yummy.  Even though it is for blemish prone skin I do not experience any tightening or drying effect, I have read reviews that it works wonders for acne but I think it is gentle enough for everybody to try.  The gel could do with being a little thicker as it comes out in a rush and you end up with more than you need, maybe it should be repackaged in a pump bottle?

I am super impressed with all the Mireness cleansers I have tried so far.  I don't feel clean unless I wash my face but would prefer to use soap free alternatives like the Mirenesse range which do not strip my skin of natural oils.  I would be happy to repurchase all of these cleansers and would probably alternate depending on how my skin was feeling.  In winter I would probably go for a more moisturising cleanser like the first two and keep the Power Clear Peppermint for summer.

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