Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lust Have It January 2013

LHI's effort for this month.

LOVE the box, it's fantastic.  Beautiful pattern and colour, love that it closes magnetically, can think of lots of things I might use this for.

I am hoping that next month's box will have a U on the spine so in the end LUST HAVE IT will be spelt out in a nice little collection of boxes.  If not maybe they will all be differently coloured like the bags.

LUSH COSMETICS - EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE MAKEUP - RRP $24.95.  I received CONFIDENT Believe in Yourself, this is a gorgeous gorgeous Eggplant Purple, unfortunately too dark for my fair skin, I could never pull it off as a lipstick, eyeshadow or blush.  I am just going to admire the bottle from afar lol.......I am going to try this as a lip stain and then cover it in light lip gloss I think that might be wearable.  The only concern I have is that it doesn't seem to set and smudges everywhere!!  Sorry I couldn't get a good swatch of this, kept coming off brown on my camera and it is definitely NOT brown!

Also included was a card for a Free Emotional Brilliance colour reading in store and a free sample of make-up remover, unfortunately I live about 200km's away from my nearest Lush Store so I won't be able to partake of this offer.

NUDE BY NATURE BB 5-IN-1 MIRACLE CREAM - 50ml, full-size RRP $19.95.  I received Medium.  I normally would purchase Fair but I can live with this, smells lovely, creamy hydrating texture, I will probably pick up a Fair and mix the two so I get the use out of this tube.  I generally use BB creams when I go for a walk first thing in the morning, covers the ghostly appearance of my pale skin as well as protection from the Sun.  I use quite a lot of BB cream as I work as an Athletics Coach, BB creams offer great coverage, sun protection and doesn't come off with perspiration, works best if you set with powder.

LUST HAVE IT KABUKI BRUSH - full-size RRP $19.95.  I don't know anyone who can't do without a Kabuki Brush, these brushes really are the best.  Lovely dense soft bristled brush, good one LHI!!

KLORANE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER - samples 10ml, RRP $9.95.  Formulated with Pomegranate and Mango Butter for colour treated hair.  Great,  but the samples need to be bigger for longer haired ladies such as myself.  Two teaspoons of conditioner just doesn't do it when your hair is down to your waist.

AVENE CLEANANCE SKIN RANGE - sample size,  prices start at  RRP$24.95.  OK I am just about Avene -d OUT!!  I have so many unused tubes in my sample basket, I just don't like the stuff.  This is also not for my skin type, these products are for oily blemish prone skin, I am mature dry skin,  this is where LHI"S lack of profiling their customers lets them down.

OK so besides the totally wrong skin care from AVENE, I am not too unhappy with my box this month.  In fact after seeing what some other lovely LHI customers received I am quite relieved.

What did you get this month and what did you think, let me know comment below.


  1. Yay you got yours :) I'm glad I didn't get the Avene samples, I also have way too many

  2. Yeah I could take a big miss on the Avene, the rest wasn't too bad though :o)


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