Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mirenesse Makeup Brushes Review

Recently I purchased some of the makeup brushes available from Mirenesse.

Powder - Blush -Foundation- Face Brushes
Smudge- Contour -Crease- Eyeliner- Eye Brushes
Cheek & Shadow Brush Duet with Caps

You can purchase these brushes individually or you can purchase in sets or as part of makeup kits.  I recommend that you purchase as part of a makeup kit because they are the best value.

Extremely well made professional looking brushes made with Taklon synthetic hair.  I have had no fall out from any of these brushes and they can be used with powder and creams.  Super soft bristles, picks up product effortlessly with even application and no streaks.  They are just the right size to hold and are easy to use.  Each brush is labelled with it's specific use but if you are like me who grabs the nearest brush they are interchangeable.

I actually like these better than my Sigma brushes.  Is that heresy??  I love my Sigma brushes honestly but I like these better.

Special mention are the Cheek & Shadow Brush Duets with Caps.  These are so handy to keep in your travelling makeup bag or even your handbag.  The caps keep the brushes clean and they don't come loose.  Both brushes are of a good size which makes them very usable, the blush brush is angled.  I own three sets of these and they would have to be my most used brushes.  You can also purchase a Powder & Concealer Duet but they are sold out at the moment so I don't have one to show you.

Mirenesse do have some other brushes available and some really good deals if you purchase as part of a set please go look here for more information.  Prices vary and the best deals are definitely when you purchase with makeup, after all the brushes are no good unless you have makeup to use them with, right?

Anyway I love my Mirenesse brushes I think you will too if you try them.

Please have a look at my blog on How to Clean your Brushes here.

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