Friday, 11 January 2013

Rethink what you can do with Dry Shampoo

I was having a New Year Clean Out of my cupboards and I found several cans of Dry Shampoo which I had received in various beauty boxes and rarely use.

So it got me thinking OK what ELSE could I use Dry Shampoo for?

Here is my top 10

1.  Good for camping trips when water isn't readily available but you still want to maintain fabulous looking hair just in case your very own Bear Grylls comes crashing through the bush to sweep you off your feet.   Fantasies aside, dry shampoo IS great for any hair emergency where you need to refresh dirty, oily, one too many days unwashed hair.

2.  Keeps your fringe clean.  It's not good to wash your hair too frequently because it strips your hair of all its natural oils BUT short fringes tend to get dirtier quicker from moisturiser and makeup residue.  A little dry shampoo helps absorb the excess oil between washes.

3.  Spray dry shampoo through your hair prior to working out, helps keep your hair style in place, absorbs extra perspiration and stops gym rat hair.

4.  Adds volume especially to fine, limp hair.  Just spray some through your roots and blast with a hairdryer while brushing in an upwards motion.

5.  Straightened hair will last a few days longer.   Just spray and massage through scalp , leave a few minutes to absorb excess oil and then brush out, your hairstyle will be good for another 2-3 days.

6.  Keep that Updo in place.  Dry Shampoo adds texture to the hair strand providing grip which is perfect to keep that high bun HIGH.  Spray a little dry shampoo through your hair strands to help mold your hair and keep it in place.  Dry Shampoo is great for creating chignons and french braids.

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7.  Too much hair spray or gel is a bad thing leaving you with crunchy stiff unnatural looking hair.  Dry shampoo can be used to control hair and keep it soft without the need of excess hair styling products which can weigh your hair down.

8.  Use dry shampoo to prep for hair extensions.  Great for fine hair as it gives a bit of extra 'grab' for the clip to securely hold on too.

9.  Batiste make a range of tinted dry shampoo, great for blending in regrowth and grey hair.

And for something completely different.....

10.  Dry shampoo also works as an anti-perspirant , a light spray where needed helps control embarrassing body sweat.

So.....does this make you rethink what YOU can do with dry shampoo?  What a great product with a multitude of uses.

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