Monday, 7 January 2013

Urban Rituelle Soap Review

I love Urban Rituelle!

Whilst visiting my favourite handbag shop recently I lost my husband.  I found him at the Urban Rituelle Stand sniffing all the soaps, he was having a very difficult time choosing his favourite scent.  It took me some time and several soap purchases later to pry him away from his new found love.

Let me explain my husband is the poster boy of bathing.  He has longer showers than all of us, he doesn't mind getting dirty (we live on a farm) but.......he sure likes to get clean at the end of it. 

For Christmas I decided to treat him.  Urban Rituelle have a Signature Soap Collection available on their website  and I thought I would surprise him and get him a box for Christmas.  Well now, he is having so much fun getting clean that the hardest decision is which bar of soap to try next!

This is a superb collection of their Cocoa Butter Vegetable soaps, each comes individually wrapped in a great selection of scents.  This soap is natural and moisturising and the best part for my husband, it doesn't irritate his sensitive skin.  Super lathering and a 110g bar lasts a long time.  Has an aromatherapeutic effect  whilst you bathe and leaves you with subtly fresh smelling clean skin.

I like that each bar has the scent name pressed into the bar of soap so you know what your using and there is a great rainbow of colours.   The scents available in the collection are; LEMON VERBENA -LIME SPLICE -  ROSE PETAL - LEMONGRASS - GARDENIA - HONEYSUCKLE - LAVENDER - OCEAN - FRANGIPANI - GREEN TEA - BUTTERMILK&HONEY - ORIENTAL LILY

I really like Lemon Verbena, it is a fresh tart smell which just awakens your senses and you can't help but breath deeply.

You can purchase the soaps individually and there are more scents available  but what I like about the collection is that Urban Rituelle donate 10% of the profits from the sale of these boxes to the Smith Family.  I love supporting companies who give something back to the community.

Now all I have to do is convince my husband to share,  mmmm......... I think I may need to go back and purchase my own collection, he hides them.


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