Saturday, 5 January 2013

Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Masque Review

I have tried many many hair products over the years but I always come back to Redken.

I like to give my hair a break and change products but whenever I want my hair to look it's best I head straight for the Redken nothing else makes your hair look as good.

The hair masque treatment that I have been loving for quite a while now is REDKEN REAL CONTROL INTENSE RENEWAL.

This is a super moisturising thick cream which you apply to hair after shampooing and leave in for 15 minutes before rinsing out and styling as usual.  This conditioning treatment leaves my hair, soft, shiny, defines my curls and stops the frizz.  I don't need to use any other leave-in conditioner after applying this masque.  It is a long lasting treatment that gets me through the entire week without any other products to keep the dryness away.  With normal conditioners I find I need to recondition within two days.  My hair is stronger and splits less but you do need to use this treatment on a regular basis to see improvement.

I have thick long hair which is naturally dry like my skin.  I like to use this instead of conditioner as I don't find ANY conditioners moisturising enough for my hair.

Unlike skin which continually renews, hair is dead and cannot repair itself.  That's why it pays to use a good conditioner to temporarily improve the condition of your hair.  Over washing your hair is not a good thing because it strips the hair of all its natural oils.  I wash once a week, I have found the less I wash the better condition of my hair.  I also keep any blow-drying and straightening to a minimum because this really drys out your hair.

Look after your hair especially if it is long as conditioners will temporarily improve your hair but they cannot repair it.  What they will do is protect your hair from any further damage.  The best thing is not to over do any colouring, straightening or blow drying in the first place.

I like to condition with heat like they do at the hairdressers.  I use a WonderCap.  This looks like a shower cap but is filled with gel which you heat in the microwave and then place over your head.  The heat generated from the cap helps to open the hair cuticle so the conditioner can deeply penetrate into the shaft.  You can just use Glad wrap and a hairdryer on gentle setting and point it at your head for 15 minutes but with the cap I can move around and do other things while I am waiting for it to do its work.

All Redken products are fantastic and they have a great range for all hair types, I find Real Control Intense Renewal works really well for me.  I have been using Redken for many years and it doesn't matter what other products I use I always come back to my tried and true favourite.

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