Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lust Have It May 2013

Can't say I am impressed at all with this month's box.

Seacret  Bath Salts - Ok since when does 100gms of Dead Sea Salts cost $30??    One sachet per bath, that's a bloody expensive bath and I would rather use the money to travel to the sea and bathe.  No salt costs $30, absolute rip-off!!

The Natural Source Camoflage Colour Lip Gloss $12.95.  Wild Orange.  Very thick, sticky and full of glitter that makes your lips feel like sand, doesn't feel very nice at all and there is no moisturising benefit that I can feel.  Has no colour or flavour so I don't know where the Wild Orange bit comes in.

Nicole by OPI Textured nail polish $14.95  Oh lucky me, silver crackle nail polish, how old am I?  Twelve?    

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment, teeny tiny 6ml sample of leave in hair conditioner, I will be lucky to get one use out of this tiny tube.

Paula's Choice Resist Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum another teeny tiny sample 7mls thats less than a teaspoon and a half.  It's about the only thing that interests me as I use Retinol products already.

Ok 5 products only one of them interesting, from a box that is now charging $5 more and promised to be bigger and better.  Pffft!!

Second month in a row I have received the crappy box, not happy!!

Oh and their offer, if you refer a friend to join you will receive a Paula's Choice Facial Cleanser.  Firstly I would be embarassed to refer my friend if this was the box they received and secondly they would probably stop talking to me for wasting their money!!

If you want to subscribe to an Australian Beauty Service that sends out value for money consistently for $15 + free shipping go here and read my latest review here  for Bellabox's May box, they win hands down for better quality boxes and superb customer service and they do it cheaper.


  1. oh my, I saw the $30 buffing block in previous blogs, now $30 for a bag of salt?! That salt better be made out gold! I wasn't too impressed with my box overall either, most were products I would not use - I gave the gloss to my mum. nail polish and brow pencil to a friend. and have a million lotions piled up in the bathroom. The only that got me excited was the paula's choice product as well - although I received a cleanser of some sort. Far more impressed with BB's box this month!

  2. $30 is a bloody ripoff! who in their right mind would actually buy them!!! LHi need to stop making so many different boxes! last month mine was - for lack of a better word - shit!
    I wouldn't be happy with those salts at all, and that gloss is pure crap! doesn't even smell like orange! at least the paula's choice a little goes a long way so should get a decent test at it.. I think I'm going to have to give BellaBox a go soon, they've been looking great. enjoy your salt bath lol ;)

  3. To be honest I think all Seacret products are a rip-off! I hate when they try to make me buy their products!! Sorry, but I hope I don't get this box - I will be mighty peeved if I got a bag of salts too :S

  4. MyBeautyJunction23 May 2013 at 19:04

    Gosh who uses 6ml conditioner, on nasal hair? Sounds very hurriedly put-together - salt, silver crackle polish that went out of fashion in the 2000s, and a lip gloss that sounds awful. Hope you get a better one next time!

  5. I still need to pick up my box from the post office but I'm really hoping I don't receive a crappy box. LHI really aren't picking up their game after increasing their prices...

  6. No I don't think the price increase had anything to do with improved boxes, I have seen nothing extra in value or quality products.

    Jac xx

  7. Oh dear, you got a dud one as well! Seems to be a lot of unhappy people this month and rightly so too. I can't believe the bath salts are priced at $30 - that's just ridiculous!
    I have a subscription for myself and also my Mum with Lust have it but will be unsubscribing now. The few times that they do bring out a good box don't make up for the many crappy ones.


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