Saturday, 25 May 2013

Purchasing goods Internationally instead of supporting local business, Un-Australian?

I was recently contacted by an Australian Company and asked if I would support their business by blogging about purchasing from their company even though their foreign imported goods were up too twice what I paid for them internationally.

I said NO

Now I am all for supporting Australian companies whose products are manufactured in Australia because ALL the profits stay here, they provide jobs and help communities grow.  In fact if I can buy Australian, I do.

But.... I will NOT support retailers who import products from overseas and then sell them with a huge mark-up.  All their promises if you buy from us it will allow us to grow our business and import more products for you and become more competitive is a load of crap to be quite honest.  Australia has ALWAYS had less choice than the rest of the world in a variety of goods and services and we have ALWAYS paid more for them.


I consider myself a Savvy shopper and I purchase the majority of items online from national and international websites and the one thing I noticed with the rise of the Aussie dollar was that national retailers did NOT lower their prices, department stores and superstores were STILL charging over-inflated amounts for goods.    They did NOT pass on any savings to you or I, their profit margin just got larger.

So the smart shopper starts looking at international companies online that can sell the same products cheaper and usually with a better shipping cost (I can never understand why international companies can ship to Australia cheaper and quicker than Australia Post but I'm not complaining).  Who doesn't love a good bargain, who would be insane enough to purchase something in Australia that you can pick up online for half the price?  Not me!!

All of a sudden local business notice they're not selling their marked up goods anymore and start crying foul. You may have heard this reported on the news, read about it or watched Current Affair shows where very very rich old men were bleating about losing profits.

National companies want you to support them even if it is costing you MORE.  They encourage you by saying it's un-Australian to buy overseas, keep the profits in Australia, support Aussie business.  Where do you think they are purchasing their foreign made goods from to begin with?  NOT from Australia.  Being Aussie does not mean we have to pay twice as much as the rest of the world and we shouldn't be expected too.

Be a savvy shopper.  Shop around there are many good australian businesses who are competitive and do pass on savings.  Of course by all means buy from local and online businesses if you can.  I love a good sale and have been a bargain hunter for years but if that means I find better bargains overseas at half the price I will buy internationally.  It's my hard earned money and I will spend it wisely as I see fit.

If you truly want to support Australia then STOP buy foreign goods all together and ONLY buy AUSTRALIAN.

DON"T allow these so called Aussie companies to guilt you into feeling un-Australian because you don't buy their foreign produced goods at twice the price from them.  It will not benefit you at all just their profit margin.

It is up to Australian businesses to become more competitive in a Global Market if they want my money.

Below are some links to great Aussie businesses where I do the majority of my shopping, they have the best prices, fantastic sales and competitive shipping.  I don't need to have giveaways or be tempted by discount codes that earn me points or cash to share these great companies with my readers. So you know if I say these companies are good then they are, no persuasion or payment necessary.

If you want a bargain from a great Aussie business well then you can't go wrong starting with one of these.

David Jones
Urban Rituelle
Ebay Australia
Cosmetics Now
Makeup Express
Fashion Addict
Chemist Warehouse
Alanna Renee Indie Nail Polish
Top Buy
Oz Sale
Deals Direct
ASOS Australia

If I have missed any great Aussie businesses please share a link in the comments and I will add them to the list.


  1. MyBeautyJunction25 May 2013 at 19:34

    Great post! I have the same issue - when they import, the prices are insane. About 10 times higher, even MUA. And I'm not exaggerating. The blush that costs a quid comes here at the equivalent of 12 quid! I love eBay Australia, though (especially for vintage books).

  2. Thanks Hunny, I will never support any business who rips off their customers when there are so many great businesses who deserve supporting because they give back to the customer and if I can get it cheaper overseas I will, lol........

    Jac x0x

  3. This was a very good read. Labelling it un-Australian for not buying from Australian companies even though the goods imported is like being guilt tripped. In this economy today it's not just about supporting this and that, but it's all about saving our money wherever we can because frankly not everyone can afford the over inflated prices. In such a globalised economy it's unfair how we have to pay double or more than the retail price in another country for the same product.

  4. I agree Louise, money for most of us is hard to come by in this economy and I will spend mine where I get the most value and if it is cheaper overseas that's where I will spend it, after all I am just cutting out the middle man. Purchasing foreign made goods the money was ALWAYS going to end up overseas, I'm just saving a little.

    Jac x0x

  5. Good on you for saying NO. I have no idea how we'd manage our beauty and polish addictions if there was no international post *shh... don't even say it* :) I'd be declaring bankruptcy! you are spot on about the local retailers not passing on the savings with the value of our dollar, great read, agree!

  6. Thank you thank you Loz, it got my back up a little, trying to guilt me into purchasing overpriced goods, I can buy cheaper elsewhere. It's not up to me to make the effort to attract my hard earned dollars, it's up to them to become more competitive.

    Jac x0x


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