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Face of Australia glitterati review ~ Boogie Wonderland

Boogie Wonderland - Heart of Glass - Funky Town
Dancing Queen - Studio54 - Saturday Night Fever - Lookin for Some Hot Stuff - Disco Inferno

You can find out more about these Limited Edition Polishes at the Face of Australia Website here.

Heart of Glass

In my comments for the review of  FOA's Heart of Glass, the lovely Madeleine Lee of Madeleine in Wonderland commented that she would really like to try Boogie Wonderland, so I thought  I would do a little review and show some swatches for you all.


Boogie Wonderland ~ The best way I can describe this polish is An Exploding Lavender Pinata Bomb!  There is so much glitter in there it just explodes on your nails and you can't help but get a thick helping of glitter on every nail.  Has the same tinted milky gel base as Heart of Glass but I found my base was slightly thicker than HoG and I had trouble applying thin coats to my nails. Where'is with  Heart of Glass  I felt I needed 3 coats for good coverage I was happy with 2 coats of  Boogie Wonderland.

Boogie Wonderland has a wonderful mix of glitter, the ones I could pick out were, Green, Blue and White Bars.  Small Orange, Blue, Pink, Purple and Red Hexes and larger White Hexes.  I did find I needed to roll the bottle between application or the heavier glitters tended to sink to the bottom, I had no trouble getting an even coat of glitter all over the nail because there is SO much glitter!

1 coat  ~  2 coats  ~  3 coats
Boogie Wonderland

I experienced curling with the bar glitter and you need a few layers of top coat to seal them.  This was a bit tedious for me as I don't have time to sit there applying layer after layer of top coat and waiting for it all to dry.  This is not a nail polish I would wear if I was in a hurry.

I had applied 4 layers of topcoat for this photo and STILL had not managed to seal the curly bars sticking up.  Anymore coats and the whole lot is just going to peel off, I think FOA should have left the bars out of this one, what do you think?

Now for some swatches.  I chose four base coats picking out the shades to match the glitter in the bottle.  I chose strong shades because the milky base makes everything turn pastel except for the last one Revlon Lily which is such a gorgeous creamy pastel I thought it would look good with a layer of glitter.

Let's Talk   ~  Sapphire Dream  ~  A Roll in the Hague  ~  Lily

SINFUL COLORS ~ LET'S TALK ~ liked this one better with only one coat of Boogie.

MINERAL FUSION ~ SAPPHIRE DREAM ~ This is a new polish I picked up from iherb, you can find out more about the range here.

OPI ~ A ROLL IN THE HAGUE ~ I did not like this combination, too milky and ruined the gorgeous vibrancy of Hague.

REVLON ~ LILY ~ This would probably be my favourite combination.

Let's Talk  ~  Sapphire Dream  ~  A Roll in the Hague  ~  Lily

All of the swatches above are with two coats of Boogie Wonderland, personally I didn't feel that two coats of Boogie looked too good on a different shade base except for Sapphire Dream.

In the photo below I did like Boogie as a one layer topcoat on Let's Talk (middle) it's not too busy and Lily (R) but I prefer two coats on Sapphire dream (see above) but I don't think Boogie did anything at all for OPI A Roll in the Hague (see above).

Sapphire Dream  ~  Let's Talk  ~  Lily
One coat Boogie Wonderland

My final verdict:  I don't like this polish as much as Heart of Glass, what ruins it for me is the curly bars of glitter.  I think they detract from an otherwise gorgeous glitter and look like loose strands of eye lash or broken bits from the brush.  I felt two coats of Boogie on my nails without a base colour looked the best but I am not in love with this polish.

I picked up the complete set for $4.95 per bottle online at Makeup Express and they are also available at Fashion Addict and Priceline.  Love to know what you think,  please leave a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Jac x0x


  1. MyBeautyJunction6 July 2013 at 06:29

    The sprinkles are very pretty but agree about the bar glitter. Some of the curls look like those tiny white worms that wriggle about in small ponds!

  2. Eww now that's not something I want to imagine in my nail polish lol......

  3. driving30_with_2gether6 July 2013 at 09:32

    I love the glitter! Super fun and cute.

  4. I love glitter polishes too especially the milky ones!

    Jac x0x

  5. Wonderful combinations ^_^ My favourite got to be the with the Lily :P

  6. Heh heh I wonder why that is LIly? Funny Girl!!


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