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Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow ~ Revisited

I know these little pots of colour have been around for a while now, I own seven of them in my favourite shades.  Maybelline in the US have since released two limited edition collections, duochrome and metal which I really really hope they will release in Oz but you could always purchase from overseas if like me, you can't wait or don't want to miss out.  I really wanted the duochrome shades they look gorgeous, I purchased the whole collection from Ebay.  I will be doing a more extensive review of these shadows once I play with them a bit longer.


Blue Paradise-Cool Crush-Icy Mint-Lavish Lavender-Precious Pearl-SeaShore Frosts-Shady Shores-Waves of White


I was very reluctant to purchase the original shadows when they were released in Australia because I am not a fan of cream shadow.  I have NEVER come across any cream shadow that didn't crease after a few hours.  I saw these on special in Big W one day so thought I would pick up a couple and give them a go.  Within two days I had picked up 5 more that is how impressed I was with them.

My collection

Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows are exactly that, a cream that sets like a gel for long wearing colour.  They are buildable, meaning you can wear them sheer or layer to full opacity.  What I like about this is you can use one shade on your eyelids and create layers to add depth and dimension.  What I also love about these shadows is their multi-purpose use meaning you can used them as a primer base for powder eyeshadow.  A base of a bright white or gold can be used to brighten an otherwise dull matte shade.  You can also use them as eyeliner or a highlighter.

Audacious Asphalt-Painted Purple-Pomegranate Punk-Tough as Taupe-Bad to the Bronze-Bold Gold-Too Cool
My collection swatches

Below I have mixed Tough as Taupe and Too Cool together, it gives the normally matte Taupe a real dimensional glow and creates a whole different shade.  That is what I like most about these shadows, they are like paint you can mix your own colour combinations.  There are endless combinations you could play around with, all it takes is a bit of imagination.

Tough as Taupe  + Too Cool  =  Taupe Shimmer

I have read quite a few blogs with less than impressive reviews but I can honestly say I have never had a problem with these shadows.  I haven't tested the theory that they last 24 hours but I have used them for an 8 hour work day and then 5 hours after school training and they were still creaseless, no fading at all and looked exactly how I had applied the shadow in the morning, no touch ups necessary.

So they lasted from 7am until 10pm thats a good 15 hours, I think that's pretty impressive.

Some hints for long wear;

1.  Wear an eye primer.  I have actually used these without primer and had no problems but as a rule I wear eye primer as I work outside alot and I don't want my makeup to melt.

2.  Layer the shadow.   Maybelline claim these eye shadows are made using Ink Technology.  I dab a little on the tip of my eye brush and stipple it all over my lid very thinly, then I buff it out with a larger eye brush.

3.  When the buffed layer has dried I stipple more thin layers in the crease and wings until I have built up the dimension and  opacity I am looking for.  If you add it too thickly all at once it will crease, basically because you have too much cream shadow on your lids.

4.  With a liner brush use a little of the eye shadow to line above your lashes and below instead of eyeliner.

5.  Use Too Cool or Bold Gold just under your eyebrows and the corner of your eyes as a highlighter.

That's it really.  Just a little experimentation and you can get these shadows to work for you too.

I would love to know if anyone has tested the theory whether these shadows last 24hrs, I could never stay awake that long these days.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what your experience has been with Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows.

Jac x0x


  1. I love Bad to Bronze! I haven't had the chance to wear Pomegranate Punk but I love the colour. They last pretty long but I find that they dry out a bit quickly

  2. I find if you mix them with a little eye primer they go on OK, my Painted Purple is a little dry in the pot, I just mix it with the primer and its fine. I thought that was just the texture of it lol.......

    Jac x0x

  3. THanks for the tip ^_^ Oh and I also read somewhere that GFC is not shutting down. this thing is just going over my head! Let me find the post...

  4. Thanks for the link, I didn't think it was going to close :o)

  5. im so jelly at your collection :) i wanna have these too but never get to try em. thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ahh! I love these! I usually use these as a liner to make my eye make up really pop ^_^!
    Thanks for following me on bloglovin' too! I've followed back =D

  7. They are really good as liners, I usually mix them with eye powder unless I'm lazy or in a hurry.

    Thanks for following back, I love your Teddy!!

    Jac xox

  8. Hya Shane, I HAD to have them, the duochromes are just gorgeous!!

    Jac x0x

  9. hehe thanks! He has become my mascot!


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