Monday, 20 January 2014

Bellabox January 2014

My Bellabox arrived today and this is what I received.

MODELCO FAT LASH VOLUMISING MASCARA - Black - Can't say I am a fan of the brand and I would have been one of the few that wasn't excited when it was revealed that everyone was getting one this month.

PALMOLIVE AYURITUEL ENERGY SHOWER GEL - Ginger and Indian Sandalwood - sample -this has quite a masculine smell which might appeal to some.

NATURAL GREEN BRAND TEPEZCOHUITE CREAM - on the tiny sample jar it says this is good for acne??  I am nearly 48 years old not so much a problem these days.  Also good for burns and post peel not so good for me, don't do either, burn or peel that is.

AVENE HYDRANCE OPTIMALE RICH HYDRATING CREAM - 5ml sample - I have received this so many times I have stopped counting, I am not a fan of Avene at all and no amount of repetitive samples is going to change my mind.

GATINEAU AQUA MEMORY MOISTURE REPLENISHING MASQUE- 15ml sample - I am not a fan of this brand either but I haven't tried this product. I have tried the aqua memory moisturiser before and wasn't impressed so I will be interested to see how I go with this.

NAK FIXATION FINISHING HAIR SPRAY -  100ml - While I do like the NAK brand I don't use hairspray.

WOTNOT FACIAL WIPES - 5 wipes - I purchase these on a regular basis and if you have never tried them before you are gonna love em!!  This was a bonus item.

I believe if you are new to BB you would probably be very happy with this month's box, there was a good variety and out of the boxes I have seen reviewed so far this would be one of the better ones.  For $15 it is certainly better value than any other beauty boxes out there at the moment and I think you do get your money's worth.

Personally I can't say I am impressed, only one new brand and totally irrelevant to my needs.  Most of these products I have been sent before and they just happen to be products that I don't like but appear regularly over all the beauty boxes available.   A box is only as good as the products relating to the customer's interest and this one missed the mark with me by a long mile.

If you would like to subscribe to BB you can find out more here.


  1. There's certainly more than a few not thrilled with more Model Co, I wouldn't have been happy with this assortment I don't think. I agree that new-comers to beauty boxes would probably be thrilled, but they are a novelty that really wears out... there appears to be quite some variences between boxes this month too?

  2. I think they are clearing out old stock because a lot of it is repetitive products from the last year. I think they need to hire new employees who are suppose to find the samples because if they keep putting the same old stuff in the box nobody is going to want it. xx

  3. I actually like this one,but that's because I can use everything in it!

  4. It's not a bad box at all Leah just repetitive for me, glad you like it xx

  5. Littleblacklipstick Mel21 January 2014 at 18:27

    I thought the box I received was pretty good but they did give me two Avène products (also received Avène last month) and two EVO products in the same box. So much for variety and trying new brands. I have to agree though, if I was a new member I'd be more impressed.

    My January Bellabox is here:

  6. I like the EVO I would have been happy with them. Thanks for leaving a comment xx

  7. Skye Palmer-Henzell23 January 2014 at 10:56

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  8. I really want to try the wotnot facial wipes!!

  9. If you can get hold of some give them a go, they are great xx

  10. Great review - fair but very real. Have followed your blog and would love it if you had a look at mine at

  11. Thanks for the comment, I am following you on bloglovin, google friends and g+

    Jac x0x


    This is the model co link :)

  13. Thanks Sarah xx

  14. Hi jac! ^_^ this looks like a pretty average box, I am getting really sick of seeing modelco products... I haven't received any that I liked!

  15. I am sick of all the beauty boxes Lily, you know they say support Aussie business but the boxes are so substandard to the international ones. xx


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