Friday, 31 January 2014

Lust Have It Eco Summer Box 2014

Finally I received my Summer Eco Box,  it has taken 9 days to get here and I think it went via the World by the condition of the box I received.  My last Summer Eco Box arrived in December 2012 so this one was well overdue arriving the last day of January.

The LHI Eco box is a quarterly subscription which costs $29.95.  It contains all natural samples for those of us who are more conscious about what we put on our skins these days.

I received the following;

DR HAUSCHKA Lemongrass Body Moisturiser - 10ml sample tube - smells overwhelmingly of Lemongrass more suited to adding flavour to Thai recipes than your skin.  Did not find it very moisturising and the aroma did not improve with time. Not a fan of this one.

John Plunkett NS-8 Heel Balm - 20g sample tube - I have received this sample before, can't tell you how good it is because I don't suffer from cracked heels and tend just to moisturise my feet with normal body lotion.  Not happy to receive a repeat item.

AVEENO Body Lotion - 29ml sample - Gahhhh I am so sick of this stuff, another repeat sample which is turning up on a regular basis.

PEOPLE FOR PLANTS Organic Face Oil - 20ml full-size - argan, pomegranate, milk thistle - I love face oil and use it daily.  I have noticed People for Plants in Priceline and have been wanting to try their products, happy to receive this.

CLAYTIME Pure Mineral Cover Foundation SPF24 - loose mineral powder -  teeny tiny sample - I received this in LITE, claims to be a 2 in 1 concealer foundation which transforms your face to a smooth flawless look in under 60 seconds. No it doesn't but it's good enough to use to set your foundation.

SUIGO Vital Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair - generous 100ml tub - I am already a fan of this brand and use it on a regular basis, makes my hair look gorgeous.  I would recommend SUIGO products to anyone.

MINERALLUSTRE loose eyeshadow powder - Warmed Up - 2.6g full-size - Not a fan of loose eyeshadow and I am certainly not impressed with the non-colour shade I received.  This is the same colour as foundation and adds nothing to your lids, no colour pay-off and full of eye irritating cheap glitter for filler. Please if you are going to hand out eyeshadow make it a shade that you can actually see and is useable.

Can't say I am too impressed by this month's selection, three repetitive samples and besides the Face Oil nothing that really interested me.

I don't know if it is just me but are all these beauty boxes starting to look like a Priceline Sample Bag to you too?

Still this is a far better selection of samples and value compared to the Natures Beauty Bag I received this month, you can read that review here and I would recommend LHI over NBB completely, their samples are bigger and generous, more full-sized products and easily available in Australia.

JAC x0x


  1. MyBeautyJunction31 January 2014 at 17:09

    Certainly good value for money, and lots of products there. Shame about the repeats, though. Hope you're well, Jac - ages since we spoke!

  2. I'm not overly excited by this box! The Eco boxes can be a little hit and miss with me.

  3. I didn't like last years Summer box very much and this Summer one isn't much better but I have liked all the others and I do find this box better than the monthly subscriptions xx

  4. Priceline Sample Bag! Bahaha!! You crack me up.. :) Sucks to receive repeat samples, I'm beginning to think LHi have well and truly stretched themselves too thinly between all the boxes they are trying to have at the moment..

  5. I agree Loz, way too many boxes and the contents are suffering. Just about everything they sample is available from Priceline, I want stuff I can't easily pick up myself. Hope your wedding was good? xx

  6. Samantha Heather5 February 2014 at 11:23

    This all looks so so good!

  7. Agree. I want to try stuff I've not heard of or can't get hold of easily.. Not stuff that is frequently on sale at Priceline! Wedding was really lovely.. Had the sorest damn feet though :) xx

  8. I hope your feet are sore through dancing lol........

  9. I unsubbed eco box a while ago and can't say i regret it. this box doesn't seem exciting at all! I feel like I should unsub all boxes after seeing the makeup and skincare in japan.. the packaging screams BUY ME

  10. It wasn't as exciting as your trip to Japan that's for sure :)

  11. I am really over all these beauty boxes, in the process of unsubscribing from the lot xx


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