Monday, 17 March 2014

Bellabox March 2014

Today I received my March selection from BB.
Sorry I forgot to add the shampoo samples they are below

MODELCO  Party Proof Cream Lipstick - Truffle - RRP$16.95 - Super long lasting pigmented lipstick. Yay!! I actually received a gorgeous Berry shade that I can use.  I really like this lipstick, nice and creamy, non-sticky and doesn't dry your lips out in fact it's quite moisturising.  It is long lasting, I have been sitting here with it on while I write this review and the colour hasn't budged or faded.

Australian Bush Flower Intensive Eye Serum - 15ml sample - Made with Australian Bush Flower Essences, gentle yet intensive organic eye cream.  This is an Australian made version of Bach Flowers except they are made with Aussie plants.

PHYTOMER Expert Youth Correction Cream - this is just a teeny tiny sample of moisturiser, not worth the packaging and certainly not enough product to make an educated decision to spend $113 on a full-size jar.

WOW Bath Gel - Mandarin and Lime - sample -  Gorgeous scent, I love citrus body products and I am already in love with the aroma of this gel.

PANTENE Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner - Not impressed by these samples, they are for fine hair and I have really thick dry long hair.  I hate receiving hair samples.

Natrulus Paw Paw Pure Gel - Sachet - I think this stuff works like Aloe Vera by soothing damaged skin.

So that's it for another month, can't say that I am overly excited by the contents.  I am not a fan of ModelCo but I do like their lipsticks and it was a nice bonus to receive a use-able shade for once.

I stupidly went and looked at all the box items available for this month on the BB site and it always leaves me feeling flat because there are so many more interesting LUXE samples that I NEVER receive sigh................

If you like the contents of this month's box you can find out more here.

Jac x0x


  1. I actually didn't mind those Pantene products when I received a sample ages ago, not enough for me to go our and purchase, but they were def better than their other stuff. Glad you got a lippy you can use, even if it is ModelCo ;)

  2. Cathi de Vriend17 March 2014 at 19:08

    I would have preferred the lipstick colour you got as it looks really lovely. The eye serum would have come in handy too. I'm able to use the Pantene as I have thin, fine hair. As for the self tanner sample I got... It's only suitable for the bin! I had a look at the other boxes as well and was left feeling a bit flat, which is not unusual. Time to unsubscribe again!

  3. hmm another meh box by the looks of things. I don't like model co, but I agree with you, the colour is very pretty. i stopped using pantene years ago, they made my head really itchy!

  4. I received lipstick in colour truffle and love it rest of the Box is ok,,,only thing I dont like is the Pantene shampoo and condition that ruined my hair long ago ..otherwise it's still better than the other shocking boxes I received

  5. The Truffle lipstick is nice, I'm not a fan of Pantene either, cheap supermarket rubbish xx

  6. Pantene does nothing for my hair, it's just a supermarket brand xx

  7. If you have a lipstick that needs toning down put the get naked on top you might like the results, I always mix lipstick :)

  8. Cathi de Vriend18 March 2014 at 12:42

    Thanks for that :)

  9. Good post… I feel the same way about the box really, I was pretty disheartened with the contents and the value (or lack thereof) - it's not good value when you get a box full of crap, and i have cancelled - will stick with Violet Box and Lust Have It for now.

    I posted a review on my blog, feel free to check it out :)

  10. Hya Kel, thanks for commenting, I think BB's customer service and attitude has really sunk lately xx

  11. I do the same and this month, I've seen a couple more interesting items, so I'm a little :( - we pretty much got the same box. Wish I had your shade instead, though!

  12. Yeah I got lucky with the shade of lipstick, usually I get the Frankenstein horror pick xx


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