Sunday, 9 March 2014

Korean Beauty Box

If you read my blog about my Japanese Beauty Bag here, you will know that I recently purchased two beauty sample bags from Yesstyle.

This is the Korean Beauty Set I purchased for $19.90 - contains 10 samples of popular Korean Beauty Products.  I found the samples to be bigger than what I received in the Japanese Beauty Bag which was all sachet samples, the Korean samples contained a couple of face masks and travel-sized samples.

Etude House - Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Body Wash 30ml & Body Lotion 30ml.  This counts as two samples even though it came in a single package.

Skin Food - Agave Cactus Gift Set - Toner & Emulsion (moisturiser) 5ml samples - this also counts as two samples in a single package.

Innisfree - eco safety perfect waterproof sunblock - 15ml sample - this is a SPF50+ mineral sunscreen

Missha -  Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturiser - I don't know about this one, little bit reluctant to put anything with the word SNAIL in the ingredients on my skin, does anyone know how they collect the Snail Slime?  The sample tube is only half full so I think there is about 2ml in there.

Innisfree - eco science skin - 5ml sample - I am not too sure what this is, it's a liquid so I am guessing it is toner or serum?  It doesn't actually say in English unfortunately.  If anyone can help me with this please do.

Holika Holika -  Black Caviar Anti Wrinkle Skin - 5ml sample - anti-ageing treatment for smoothing wrinkles.

Etude House - Xylitol Forest Face Mask - I'm not really sure what this mask is suppose to do, it is described as keeping your skin clean, cool and moist.  I guess that means it cleans and hydrates.

Missha - 3D Essence Milk & Honey Sheet Mask - another mask that hydrates.

I know all these brands, I am a big fan of Korean beauty products so really happy to receive these samples. I would have liked the boxed sets to count as one sample and a cosmetic item would have been nice. Everything is pretty much relevant to my beauty needs which is great considering it is pot luck and I was a bit worried I might receive products not suitable to my skin type.

What do you think of these samples?  Do you think it's good value?

Jac x0x  


  1. Disqus is working!!!!!! Love that you got an Etude House mask. I know that you think they are claustrophobic, but give it a go, you might love it! That is the hardest thing about Korean cosmetics - sometimes they don't tell you want it is and you don't know if you can take it off, leave it on or pat it in!

  2. Yay Disqus lol........ I was thinking of maybe just wiping the contents on my face without putting the cloth over, should work xx

  3. Hi Jac! ^_^ Thanks for the tip! I changed my security settings and disqus is working again yay!! I purchased a top from yesstyle a few months ago, I was quite impressed with the quality so I bought another one recently. Nice lots of goodies in this box, since I returned from Japan, I now share a love for Korean/Japanese skin care and cosmetics. I've tried a superaqua sample (without the snail slime lol) and it did well for my dry-ish skin.

  4. Yay on the Disqus tip!! I have purchased BB creams from Yesstyle in the past but always been scared to purchase other products now with these samples I should get a better idea of what I like. I still don't know about the snail slime though lol..........

  5. I'm not familiar with those samples but if you use them and you love them then I think it's great value!

  6. It definitely is a cheaper way of trying new products without the expense of purchasing full sizes. I love trying things I am not familiar with it's like a treasure hunt lol...........

  7. I've never considered getting a sample box like this one.. did you find out anything more about the snail slime product? :)

  8. No I haven't looked into the snail bit yet but I don't like the thought of snails being kept to collect their slime eww.............

  9. hmmm.. they probably prefer being 'farmed' for their slime that what happens to the ones in my backyard... a very boozy death for them lol :)

  10. Lol well at least they died happy............

  11. MyBeautyJunction21 March 2014 at 16:37

    I bought a YesStyle box a month ago and loved the value. I'll buy again, maybe a few months later, so they have a chance to change the samples around lol

  12. I love trying samples best way for bloggers to blog is smaller samples, get through more product to talk about lol..............


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