Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pandora Clip Bracelet

My husband is a "Pandora boy", every Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Wedding Anniversary or "just because he loves me", he gives me Pandora jewellry.

His latest purchase was for our wedding anniversary he bought me a Pandora clip bracelet with beads and I love it!!

Here it is....................Isn't it beautiful!

(Just discovered how hard it is to get a good photo of something shiny)

This is a solid sterling silver hand made bracelet with 5 anchor points that you can attach clip beads too. It comes in 7 different lengths 15cm - 23cm.

Mine has a flowery theme to it. The hanging clip is a Purple enamel dogwood (type of flower) clip with a lavender CZ in the middle. Purple is my favourite colour.

The remaining four clip beads are all engraved with flower patterns.

From the top they are, Midnight Bloom, DaVinci, Nouveau Lace and Lazy Daisy. There are many clips to choose from but this is the flower theme my hubby went with. You can get different shapes, patterns and clips set with semi precious stones and gold.

I really love this bracelet, it has a more delicate feel compared to their original bracelet but it is just as strong. I think it would look really nice if you wore two bracelets of differing lengths together.

I just love Pandora, you can see the quality, I have quite a few pieces and not one has ever broken or had stones fall out, they are extremely well made.

I am so spoilt, I can't wait to see what I get next.

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