Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lust Have It December 2012

Another underwelming month from LHI.

CATWALK BY TIGI SESSIONS SERIES DRY SHAMPOO 96ml sample, 250ml RRP $29.95, another dry shampoo??  I am a little confused as it says on the card this is suppose to be a finishing spray which would have been more useful to my hair type instead of more dry shampoo I never use.

APHRODITE MINERAL EYE SHADOW full-size RRP $24.95,  I received Champagne which is a gold glitter.  I am too old for glitter, it shows up every line around mature eyes, not impressed.

LANOPEARL DR. DERMAX ULTRA LIFT CREAM 10ml sample jar, 50ml RRP $39.60.  This at least is interesting, a wrinkle relaxing cream which helps prevent new wrinkles.  You apply twice daily to creases and frown lines.

GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES HAND CREME 5ml sample x 2, 140ml RRP $24.95.  I received Kakadu-Waterlily and Marseille-Gardenia samples. 

BIOXIDEA MIRACLE 24 FACE LIFT 1 sample, RRP $49.90 3 pack.  Another one of those freaky cold face masks, I do not like using these and they make me break out.

The Exfoliating glove didn't turn up in time to be packed, RRP $9.50, I hope this will be an extra in January's box not become part of it.

There was also a sample of Marc Jacobs Daisy, smells just like every other floral perfume on the market.  For a change why can't we have a musk or amber based perfume?

Definitely no Christmas Spirit this year for us mere customers unless you are a VIP member. They are set to receive three full-sized products in their own special box. So far I have seen Mascara, full-size moisturiser and Everyday Minerals blusher and eyeshadow.  I don't agree with this VIP nonsense, not everyone can afford an annual subscripton and it shouldn't make them any less valuable/special as VIP's.   I feel Bellabox do a much better job by treating all of their customers like VIP's, everyone gets special gifts, no exceptions.

LHI WERE my favourite beauty box this year but something has definitely gone wrong and I feel their samples and customer service have declined.  I'm just not feeling the love anymore LHI............Maybe they have taken on too much too quickly with the takeover of Glossy Box and preparing to break into the New Zealand market. Unfortunately their hunt for new customers leaves me feeling that their old customers are left dangling with sub-standard boxes. 

LHI are too slow, they deliver too late.  A monthly box should be enjoyed during THAT month not at the end of it.   Their online shop where we go to spend our beauty points doesn't even stock the majority of products you are sampling.  You have to pay postage (BB offer free) and you don't receive free samples with your order.  All things that BB do extremely well and BB ALWAYS leave me feeling like a VIP customer.  LHI lacks that professional edge.

LHI's no profiles has really been telling for me.  I simply have no use for products which do not suit my skin and hair type and as I buy this little box of goodies for myself, if I am not going to receive samples I can use there is no point being a member any longer.  I will state again and again if you don't get the samples to the right clientele you are doing yourself, the companies you represent and your customers a great dis-service.

Three full-sized products aside I am really glad I never forked out ALL that money for a Annual VIP subscription I like the freedom of not being locked in for a whole year so I can leave when I have had enough and take my hard earned money elsewhere.

As another blogger said she keeps giving them one more month just in case it's good and I feel that's what I am doing too.

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