Tuesday, 18 December 2012

bellabox December 2012

Ok I am probably going to be shot down in flames for this but............I hated this month's bellabox.

I think I am probably the only person on the planet that does but I was very disappointed with my box.

The first thing out of the box which has been on the top of everyone's "WOW" factor is the Savoir Faire Limited Edition Kit.  The first disappointment for me was that I received the 'Winter' kit.  I am a very pale skinned woman and these colours are oh so very dark that I can't wear them without coming off Goth.   This kit does not match my skintone at all, great if your young and beautiful not so great when your 'old-er' and wrinkly.  Secondly I hate Savoir Faire.  This is an Australian company who claim to sell natural premium cosmetics that are made in China, the only thing premium about them is what they charge.  This has already gone in the bin.  RRP $110

ALLEGRE RHODES HAND AND NAIL CREAM - SWEET APPLE & GRAPERUIT, teeny tiny sample, 175ml RRP $32.95 - The smell is a hideous, overpowering floral scent that burned my sinuses.  Thin, watery and definitley not moisturising enough for hand cream.  This too has been binned.

JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZ-EASE SECRET WEAPON FLAWLESS FINISHING CREAM - 30ml sample, 113g RRP $16.99, John Frieda has been around for a long time, a little bit of this cream goes a long way otherwise it leaves your hair greasy and lank.  Concentrate at the ends only.

EMERGINC MULTI FRUIT CLEANSER & EARTH HYDRATING PHYTELENE CREAM - 3ml samples, 240ml cleanser RRP $55 & 50ml phytelene cream RRP $109.  These samples are interesting but never big enough to make a educated decision to go out and purchase the full-sized products and as they are so expensive you really want to make sure you like them first.

COMPEED - 1 single use, RRP $11.95, Really bellabox??  One single heel band-aid to sample, you could have at least put in a pair for matching heels. 

So there you go another useless month for me.  Sorry for my negativity but I grow weary of the same old stuff month in month out which doesn't really match anything I am interested in trying.

If you would like to try BB for yourself please go here.

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