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Lust Have It Summer ECO Box 2012

This is a review for the Lust Have It 2012 Summer ECO box - Discover something natural.  You can find the Summer Eco Box review for 2014 here.

This was my first ECO box and I must say I am very disappointed with the products I received.  For $29.95 twice what you pay for their usual box I would really expect to receive MORE and for me that was sadly lacking in this quarterly box. 

LHI do not profile their customers so virtually you are receiving a 'lucky dip' of products and if they don't match your skin and hair type, that's just too bad.  LHI the boxes aren't good value if you don't match the products to the customer.

I feel LHI don't care about matching products to their customers and they are doing a great disservice to the companies they represent by not getting their products to the people who would actually purchase them.  LHI say it's too hard to profile their customers.  What is so hard about DRY, NORMAL, OILY and MATURE categories??  Bellabox do it very successfully maybe you should ring them and get a few tips.

EARTHLY BODY HAND & BODY LOTION - Moroccan Nights 88ml sample, RRP $10 - 236ml.  Just another moisturiser, this one smells like strong cheap aftershave, not something a woman would normally wear.  I didn't find it particularly moisturising and had to wash it off because after an hour the smell was just plain annoying.

DR HAUSCHKA MELLISSA DAY CREAM - 5g sample, RRP $52 - 30ml.  This moisturiser is for combination skin, GREAT except that I have dry mature skin.  This is what happens when you don't profile your customers.  UPDATE:  I used this moisturiser today, it has a strong citrus herbal aroma, thick creamy consistancy,  a pea sized amount is enough to cover your whole face and neck BUT as I expected it wasn't moisturising enough for my skin type.  Left my skin feeling tight and wanting more moisture.

WORLD ORGANIC JUNIPER BERRY CLEANSING FACE WASH - 15ml sample, RRP$27.99 - 80ml.  Just another facial wash, sorry if I sound so flat about it but how many facial washes does a girl need? They all do the same thing, nothing in this stands out from any other cleanser I have tried.  UPDATE:  Tried this product, smells strongly of old orange peel, very thin consistancy, does not lather and did not do a good job of removing my makeup as stated in the description.

WORLD ORGANIC ALMOND SEED FACE EXFOLIANT - 15ml sample, RRP $23.87 - 50ml.  Just another face exfoliant.  Can't say I am impressed by either of these World Organic products, and honestly it's pretty expensive compared to similiar products elsewhere.  UPDATE, tested this product today, smells strongly of marzipan (almonds).  It is a very thin lotion for exfoliant, you need to use quite a bit to feel it on your skin, there isn't enough almond seed to exfoliate, felt slightly gritty like when you get sand in your sunblock.  My skin did not look fresh and exfoliated after use.

DeLORENZO ELEMENTS EARTH MUD SLIDE STYLING CREME - full-size RRP $23.95.  This product is a strong hold styling product recommended for short hair.  I have waist length hair, says it all really........ANOTHER mis-matched product which doesn't help anyone.

KUU KONJAC DEEP CLEANSING KONJAC SPONGE - full size RRP $9.95.  Finally something interesting, this is a 100% natural sponge made from plant root.  I received the red one with added French Red Clay.  This is actually recommended for Dry, Sensitive and Mature Skin, Woo Hoo LHI finally got something matched right.  Used to cleanse and gently exfoliate skin and will last 2-3 months before needing to be replaced.

APHRODITE MAKE YOUR EYES POP - full size RRP $24.95, shade Rose Gold.  This is a little pot of shimmery pink with gold glitter that when applied shows no colour pay off at all and leaves you looking like a Christmas decoration due to the glittery fall out.  I like my eyeshadow to be on my eyes NOT the rest of my face.  Another mis-matched product, I can't wear shimmer and glitter because it accentuates every single line and wrinkle in mature skin.  UPDATE:  I went to the Aphrodite website to try get a colour swatch for this shade because I couldn't get it to show up in a photgraph, you can't even purchase this shade.  These products are made in the US and I think they are really expensive.  If you want my recommendation and I have been using them for years, try EveryDay Minerals, they are better value and they give you the choice of Matte, Pearl and Shimmer eyeshadows.

There really needs to be some more variety in sample boxes, they are getting quite repetitive and boring.

So another disappointment from LHI for me.

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