Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pretty Serious ~ THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE! ~ Nail Polish Collection

Just wanted to share with you my new nail polishes I ordered from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.  They are an Australian company that sell a range of cosmetics and nail polish worldwide. you can find out more about them here


Is a set of three multi-chrome foils in the following shades (l-r)

Phantom Planet ~ Green shifting through Aqua and Blue

Galaxy Invader ~ Blue shifting through Purple

Atomic Brain ~ Purple shifting through Gold and Green

Two coat swatches under different light conditions

Phantom Planet ~ Galaxy Invader ~ Atomic Brain

 Easy to apply and they dry quickly between coats, I just love multi-chrome polishes and these ones are gorgeous.  They retail for $9.95 each or if you purchase the collection it's $26.85.

They turn up in some very cute packaging and there is a great choice of shades to choose from on their website, they are worth a look.

Love to hear if you have tried Pretty Serious Cosmetics and what you think of their nail polish.


  1. Wow the colours are gorgeous! They really do have a celestial feel to it. They look so much better swatched than in the bottle.

  2. Glitter is my favorite polish. I love the Phantom Planet. This would look awesome as a french manicure.

    1. I would love to see Phantom as a french manicure, I really love glitter mono/duo chrome polishes too!

      Jac x0x


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