Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Bellabox December 2013

Once again my BB box has arrived very late and it is hardly worth reviewing as there are no surprises left with what everyone received.  But for those of you who are interested this is what I received this month.....

BENEFIT POREFESSIONAL PRO BALM - 7.5ml - sample size.  I have been reading quite a few complaints from BB customers who are very disappointed NOT to receive this product this month, I must be one of the only customers to be disappointed I DID receive it.  I have tried Porefessional many years ago and it is not for me, I didn't find that it changed or improved my skin or pores.

ROMY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER - teeny tiny samples - Cinnamon and Cocoa - I have already tried these and I can't say I was enamoured by the aroma, smelt very medicine like.  The only thing I like cinnamon with is hot donuts!!  The shampoo was meh and the conditioner was even worse, did nothing for my dry hair I had to re-condition.  I think I will give this brand a miss.

AVENE ANTIROLGEURS FORT RELIEF CONCENTRATE - teeny tiny sample - UGH!! we are back to the Avene again.  I don't know why I bother filling out the feedback each month BB never take any notice and still send me products I don't like, want or need.  I believe this is for red sensitive skin, I can't tell you if it works because my skin doesn't get red.

SIMPLE KIND TO EYES MAKEUP REMOVER - 50ML - not impressed to receive this, boring really.  I don't use eye make up remover.

MARY KAY NATURAL CHEEK TINT - full-size - Pink Pearl - very pretty irridescent pink but full of gold glitter.  I prefer matte shades, my disco ball days are over!

ESLOR SAMPLE PACK - 4 samples - Replenishing Scrub - Comforting Mask - Soothing Refiner and Cleanser - Soothing Cream.  While I am pretty interested in these samples I seem to be receiving samples for sensitive skin while I would be far more interested in receiving samples for my skin type.

MOR ESSENTIALS HAND CREAM - sachet - Neroli Clementine - this is my favourite aroma from MOR and I already use this.

Well that's it, pretty good value for $15 with lots of goodies to play with, if you are interested in what was in the box and would like one for yourself you can find out how to subscribe here.



  1. Great cosmetics, I cordially greet

  2. Thanks Daisy xx

  3. Looks good! I really like the blush. x

  4. Not a bad beauty box to try out <3

  5. Oh wow my disqus acc is working! Anyway!! I would be disappointed if I received the primer too, as I never ever use it. I don't really feel any different after using it. The cheek tint is very pretty! but the sparkles are a bit full on lol, maybe for halloween??

  6. Yeah I am really disappointed by all the glitter, I'm not keen on primer prefer a good BB cream. Merry Christmas Loz xx

  7. It is a shame about all the glitter in the blush otherwise it would be perfect xx

  8. mine just arrived today. Bellabox hate me

  9. Hya Leah, no I did try the blush it is very gold and sparkling unfortunately xx

  10. LOL..............I'm sure they don't but I know what you mean :D


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